OLX India - Simply Buy or Sell Anything on India's Largest Marketplace

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Now that users in India have increased their online presence to a great extent, we see lot of people looking a best marketplace to Buy or Sell goods. Products may involve anything from used cars to mobile, furniture, laptop, clothing and more. And when it comes to advertising a marketplace, nothing's better than Olx. So, basically Olx is a largest free online platform of classifieds where you can basically buy or sell products hassel free. Not to mention Olx founded in 2006 is an internet based company in New York , which competes widely in over 106 countries providing their services.

Olx India is now the largest marketplace that aids people to post free about their products to either buy or sell. And not to mention that I've been a frequent user too in Olx India. Its the best marketplace to look out for products. If you wish to see what Olx India market place is to offer you can visit their homepage, or if you could just post free ads in India here.

So, Why Choose Olx India?

With many classified website available online, why choose Olx over others. We will justify with five fire points:
  1. Customer's Point Of View: Olx helps the user to see through customer's vision, it helps you to showcase your product that you envision to sell it and help you find the right customer for your product for a great deal of money.
  2. Best In Promotion: When it comes to promotion and marketing, Olx is the best. Believe it or not, olx have team of experts and great marketers where they plan great strategy to slide in relevant ads when it comes to promotion.

    You can have a look for yourself to check their promotional offer on youtube.

    Subscribe Olx youtube or you can Follow us on YouTube.

  3. Olx TV Campaigns: Olx India extends its presence through TV commercials. And nothing less competing against its competitors. These ads convert simple messages into great deal of product marketplace. It basically teaches people about their awareness to buy or sell products online easily.
  4. Categories and Advantage: Olx.in has a great design and easy navigation through out website with their enormous categories ranging from electronics goods, used cars, clothes, furnitures etc. The advantage being complete information extraction about used products, and control over buying and selling products.
  5. Mobile, Trust, Support: Olx India has rich apps that help you share your product details right in hand. Yes, they have app that's guides you to search its million more products optimal for your requirements.
    Indian have a blind believers in trust, and one thing that Olx greatly offer theirs users and customers.
    Olx support large number of local Indian languages, so you don't need to worry about if you are a panwalla or a mere merchant.
In all, Olx India is widely popular and has its reach in India to a great extent by its tagline "Where Buyers meets Sellers". We recommend that you give try at this service and enjoy great deal for your products. 

Tips for Creating a Mobile App

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Mobile applications are one of the fastest growing business markets in the world today. There are millions of apps in the Android and iOS app stores, and those numbers are growing every day.
We have all experienced apps that were inadequate or malfunctioning and thought of ways that we could have made it better. Many of us have also struggled to find the right app among a list of seemingly identical apps. You are not alone in these struggles. The best part about the mobile app development business is that new and out-of-the-box thinking is always encouraged and even sought after!
If you have come up with a great new idea for a mobile app and want to get in on the market or if you have tried to launch an app with little or so success, here are a few tips and tricks to help you create the next successful mobile app. 

Make your app specific
Let’s first address the problem of searching for an app and finding a hundred all-to-similar options in your biche. There are many apps out there that people think they can improve. But if you truly want your app to be successful, you need to make it stand out from the rest. Improving an existing app with a few minor tweaks is not enough anymore.
Find a way to make your app more tailored for a specific need. Ask yourself repeatedly, what will people use this for? Don’t stop adding and adjusting until you have something focused and unique.
Utilize a design program
Before you can pitch your idea to any developer or market and find enough funding to get it into an app store, you need a flawless, concrete design. A simple sketch in your notebook won’t impress buyers anymore.
There are a number of great mobile app design firms out there to help you polish and fine-tune an outlined design idea. Find something that will work for you to create the app you previously envisioned.
Ask your friends and family to try it out
The best part about utilizing family and friends as a test group is they are the people who know you best. This means that they may be more honest and positive than many other focus groups. Let them use your app and give them a chance to give you honest feedback. They might be brutally honest, but they will give you positive ways to improve also.
Test and test again before putting it on an app marketplace
Whether you are building your first app or you have created ten already, test your product repeatedly before sending it out into the market. Find different test groups that are inside your target audience and listen to every opinion that comes out. Some may not be reasonable or even applicable, but you need to hear everything to create the best product possible for those who will use it. This way, people will download your app and keep using it because they like it instead of trying to create something better on their own. 

Author Bio: Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast who is currently learning about mobile app design firms and developing apps. You can find her on Twitter @JessicaSocheski

Jailbreak vs Unlock - Difference and Comparison

Monday, March 10, 2014
There are rules and there are ways to break them! As an iPhone user, you’re always bound by some. Be it for security reasons, malware threats or just as an arbitrary decision; iPhone users are compelled by certain software and technical restrictions. These could be both network and software based. In order to understand the kind of restrictions you’re constrained by, you should be aware of market trends and other available Smartphones. 

Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone, rules the digital mobile phone market. Both in terms of features and experience, iPhone has captured numerous hearts. Its seamless operating system, great touch screen experience and several other offerings make it an unquestionable market leader. But Apple hasn’t been able to stand out just so easily. Efforts in the form of cutting-edge innovation and monopolistic business strategies have made it an undefeated market ruler.
The two things that have kept Apple clientele happy is great usage experience and lifetime freedom from malware and viruses. Almost no Apple user reports about a phone-hang issue or virus threats – though a rare case is always possible.
Let’s now get down to the two concepts through which Apple makes its users friendly to only specific applications, software and network services. iPhones are usually locked for use with specific network services. In addition, they are also only compatible with Apple’s own software and restrict use of outside applications. This means users are bound to use services of a specific network, as well as software authorized only from Apple.
So iPhones are curtailed to a network-based and software-based lock. And the respective ways to break them are Unlocking and Jailbreaking.
Unlocking is the process of freeing up your iPhone for use with any network connection. This is a simple and quick process that requires you to have a uniquely identified 16-digit unlock code. Users of iPhone need to know their device’s IMEI number if they want to unlock it.
Now if you’ve decided to get the phone unlocked, find a reputable cell phone unlocking agency online. These agencies offer unlock codes online after you submit your IMEI number, current network name and your email ID. Once you provide these details in your order and confirm the payment, you shortly receive the unlock code on your email.
This unlock-code makes your phone compatible with all SIM cards worldwide. So when you change the SIM to a new one, enter the code received on your email ID and your phone will be ready to use.
Jailbreaking, on the other hand, is the technical process of making your iPhone compatible with any other software not authorized by Apple. It is a way of removing Apple’s inbuilt restrictions so that users can enjoy software and downloads from sources not authorized by Apple.
To break Apple’s factory-installed operating system, JailbreakMe is one of the most popular techniques used for the purpose. A team of developers, not affiliated to Apple, have introduced several versions of JailbreakMe. This is a series of system used to take advantage of the flaws existing in Apple’s Safari browser.
JailbreakMe facilitates one-step jailbreaking, something that makes the process quick and easier. Other systems like ‘redsn0w’ and ‘Blackra1n’ require more time as they need the user to connect the device with another computer so that jailbreaking software can be run from the desktop. JailbreakMe 1.0, JailbreakMe 2.0 Star and JailbreakMe 3.0 Saffron are the three versions launched till date.
While developers constantly try to break the restrictions placed by Apple, the latter continues releasing upgraded software versions that patch the flaws use by JailbreakMe.

How to improve the performance of your SEO strategy with Webmaster Tools?

Monday, February 24, 2014
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making your website search engine friendly, and Google have given you a bunch of web master tools for free so that you may improve and monitor your SEO. Here are a few tips the will help you make the most of these tools.

The Google AdWords keyword tool

This is a tool that used to be available to everyone but Google moved it so that it only exists on the Google AdWords tool now. They moved it shortly before releasing the Hummingbird update, which may be their way of saying that keywords are not going to be as important anymore.

This tool can be found within a Google AdWords account which you can get for free, and you can use the tool for free without having to buy any advertising. It is very good at helping you compile a large list of potential keywords. You can also get access to a wide number of synonyms and it will even give you keywords that you should probably write anti-SEO against so that your website does not appear to the wrong people.

You may also like to check the prices that people are paying for certain keywords. As a rule of thumb, if a keyword costs more then it is more popular. This information may help you judge how much competition you are going to get when you use such keywords.

Google AdWords for affiliate advertising

You can go the whole hog and start using Google AdWords in order to place adverts online. They are good for getting you more traffic, improving your popularity, improving your reach and even improving how often your pages are crawled.

Google trends may be helpful

Just like looking at the price people are paying for certain keyword bids, you may also look at keyword trends. This is where a graph shows you how popular a certain keyword or keyword phrase has been in the past. Sadly, it is not possible to compare one keyword with another in specific terms.

For example, if one keyword has a 20% rise in popularity then it will appear on a graph as any other keyword with a 20% increase in popularity would have. This may seem fair, but what if one keyword has only been searched for fifty times in a year and the other has been searched for two million times? Still, if the line on the graph is going up or down then you can assume a little something about the popularity of that keyword.

Google Analytics for backlink tracking

There are backlink tracking tools that you can use online, and they often charge you for the service or just do a bad job. Google web master tools has Google Analytics which will tell you about your backlinks for free. It also gives you warnings if you are doing a few SEO things that Google thinks you should not be doing.

Google Analytics for traffic tracking

You can track your traffic with Google Analytics, which may be helpful if you are trying to monitor the effect of your most recent publicity campaign. There are lots of conclusions you can make with traffic tracking tools. Google Analytics will also let you delve deeper into more detailed reports and more detailed tracking so that you may set up funnels and track their progress.

The web master tools information section

If you go to “google.com/webmasters/” then you will find more relevant and correct information than you will on websites and articles that you find online. This is information that comes straight from the horse’s mouth. It is information you can use right away in order to improve your website SEO. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, which is hardly surprising since 90% of what you read online is not accurate. But, if it is coming from Google itself then you can be a little more forgiving and possibly take the advice seriously.

Submitting your XML sitemap

There is a tool within the Google web master tools that allows you to create an XML sitemap. The small and simple tool does it for you. You simply run it on your website, follow the instructions and submit it. If you have just created your website or you have has a massive redesign, then this is a good way of getting Google to crawl all of your pages. It is very simple, and the instructions go step by step so it is hard to get it wrong.

Author’s bio:
The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from http://www.cool-essays.com. She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.

Game Changers: 5 Technologies that could be Gamer Gadgets

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In May 2013, Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook hinted to the attendees of the All Things Digital Conference that the future of technology is in wearable computers. What will that mean for gamers? It means game controllers are going to get a hell of a lot more interesting. 

Here are few ways wearable technology could take gaming into the future.

1.       Canon Mixed Reality Head? Set

Canon’s Mixed Reality headset is coming out as a competitor with Google Glass in the augmented reality eyewear field.

This headset is like something out of Minority Report: it allows you to manipulate the three-dimensional space around you. The wearer can be in an empty room with just a desk and suddenly be transported to the cockpit of an airplane with the ability to move objects using gestures.

Combined with motion capture technology used in games like LA Noire, we’ll soon be able to make ourselves a real part of the games we play.

2.       Thalmic Labs MYO Armband

Wireless handheld game play technology has taken off in recent years: Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 were vital to this development. Wireless technology continues to evolve, giving us more and more possibilities for our technology.
Thalmic Labs’ MYO armband takes this wireless technology to another level. Users attach the band and can rewind videos, write on a Smart Board, or control wireless vehicles at the flick of their wrist.
With the armband, users will interact with games, controlling the virtual player with their own actions.

3.       Telepathy One Headpiece

Conceptualised by Design Labo Inc., this piece of technology is a fine metal band that wraps around your head with an ear bug on each side.
This piece is taking on Google Glass with its sleeker design and tiny micro-projection unit that projects a 5-inch screen to the right of your face, so you can see the people you’re chatting to, or read documents. The thin form of the Telepathy One Headpiece doesn’t interfere with your vision.
What’s the relevance for gamers? Playing games anytime, anywhere – without lugging around a heavy handset.

4.       Plastic Logic’s Flexible Plastic Displays

Plastic Logic has created thin and flexible plastic display screens that are exceptionally durable.
With a flexible touch screen, this paper thin display could revolutionise the wireless action games. This piece of tech also lets you split one piece of content onto multiple screens to make one giant display. Imagine being able to roll up your video game screen and take it with you wherever you go or combine your screen with a friend’s for a bigger display.
With a touch screen and animation capabilities, this technology could be used for dancing or movement games -  rather than looking up at a screen, you follow the directions on the Plastic Logic display which would connect directly with the game console. Digital Twister, anyone?

5.       BEARTek Bluetooth Control Gloves
This glove conceptualised by BEARTek acts as a controller to electronic devices tethered to it. Different hand motions allow the wearer to execute a number of commands, such as playing a song or answering a phone call. You can also disable the functions so you can use your hand freely without performing the command.
The power from the glove comes from a separate piece of hardware, so it’s easily interchangeable among BEARTEK gloves.
Combine this awesome technology with the Telepathy One Headpiece and one day, gaming opportunities will be infinite! This awesome piece of tech is still in the Kickstarter phase but has raised enough capital that the development work is now near complete.

Author Bio
Alyssa James is a freelance writer with over four years of research and writing experience. Her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Travel + Escape, Matador Network, peer-reviewed journals and local newspapers.

5 biggest blunders in digital marketing

For surviving in the competitive online world, one needs to get innovative. However transition from the traditional to the online medium is no easy task and one has to learn the basics of digital marketing. Even though if you might think that you have some of the imperative digital marketing skills, you are bound to make some mistakes.

Below are listed the key digital marketing mistakes. Avoid these and reap the benefits.
1.)  Creating a Website and then Forgetting
One of the key mistakes that any digital marketer makes is to create a website and let the same gather dust. Get over this instinct and update your online presence on a regular basis. Business generation is guaranteed only in situations when you make earnest efforts to generate business and updating your website is a key part of this strategy.
2.)  Rushing in on the Social Media Boon
Though it is quite easy to create a social media account, you need to know how to use the same for digital marketing effectively. You need to prioritize your market before choosing the social media platform for digital promotion of your endeavor. Different social media platforms as Facebook and Twitter have distinct customer base. You can also try using Instagram. However, you must know the kid of audience you are targeting before you embark on any kind of social media campaign. Never rush on to the social media boom as you can harm your prospects with one wrong move. Act judiciously and make the most of the occasion.
3.)  Talking about Yourself Regularly
If you are using content that only promotes the initiatives of your company, you are on the wrong track. You must take into account the fact that the content should be client specific. The content should be used in such a way that it helps in establishment of your brand. Do not promote your initiatives unnecessarily; the readers are smart enough to judge any misadventure. Be honest and you will see the gains for yourself.
4.)  Posting Everyday is not enough
You might think that in case you are posting on a regular basis, you have achieved your task. However, this is not true and you need to engage the audience on a continuous basis. Personalize your posts as this makes the mission easier for you and your customers will feel more engaged. Thinking that simply updating the status on a daily basis will take your digital endeavor further is a big misconception and you need to rise above this notion to make your mission of turning your digital mission a reality.
5.)  SEO Spamming
SEO spamming is a sin and the same applies even if you are thinking of promoting your digital endeavor. However, as in other cases, spamming is a sin here too and you could be banned for spamming if you take this route. Instead focus on quality and your real endeavor of bringing audience to your digital endeavor will become a reality.
Avoid the mistakes listed above and your digital endeavor is sure to touch a new high.

I am Kelly Marsh web designer, blogger and writer. I love to write on fitness, social media, internet marketing etc. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify

HOW TO: Build a Dominant Authority Blog with SEO

Monday, February 17, 2014
Blogging has been the key to the locks like content creation and marketing. And Blogger are the creators of these keys. And Search engines are the quality inspectors. This might seems little dramatic, but its the way how blogging works, and how search engines monitor webmaster’s blog or site. You might have noticed every now and then a blog is created. Well its good a blog is created as you can fetch great content. But most new sites created are copy cats and are looking to make quick bucks, but that’s not the intention of Blogging profession. The main reason people blog about SEO, Tips and tricks to get started with blogging and developing it as a profession. We must know that Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. 

As we have seen earlier, there many new sites created every instant, but the thing that matter the most is content, especially quality content. But sometimes its just not quality content, but also building an authority. To talk more on building authority blogs, we need to understand some simple issues, so that the blog that you create must feel its in command.

Some of the top issues that you need to make sure that the your blog is in authority:

1. Design and Feel
    Its the first impression about the site, always that matter. Blogging is all about content, but that content which you create is to be presented perfectly. You can always eat, but it does matter how it tastes, right? Well Either you make a great design or you hire an expert to do the same. The design must sooth the visitor and make him feel that he’s really into your site. 
    Make sure you have breadcrumbs for your blog or site, so that navigation is made simple and easy. I would recommend having a magazine style design, as always people prefer - bigger the better. Have sufficient widgets, don’t make it too clumsy or too thin, it just has to feel right. I would recommend launching a site after all the design modifications. 

    Most important thing about designing about you blog is your blog name. When you try to get a domain name, obviously get a niche name. And when you get one, then you design a awesome looking logo. As this logo will help you brand your site. And branding is very important issue when it comes to marketing. If you are unable to decide which is the best logo for your blog, then ask a professional help for designing your blog logo, and it’ll nearly cost you anything.

HOW TO: Increase Page Authority and Page Rank which go hand in hand

2. Dominant Content
    With good looking site and design, logo; The next step that arise is building content relating to your niche. Well anyone can create content, but not anyone can create an attractive quality content and a dominant one. When you are looking to build a dominant authoritative site, then its the awesomeness of the content that matters. I would recommend a professional like me, who can write dominant content. 
    Now Its not just about writing content, but also expressing views and reviews about your niche in a nicely manner. With great content comes great responsibility. Handling so much of content is a tedious task, you will need a moderator to monitor the quality of the content you publish. 
    Another good question is, what should be your publishing frequency of your content? It again depends on how well your niche is. Say for example if its an Android niche, then you get host news, every now and then. Then you can create content about latest news. I normally would recommend publishing at least 5 articles per day so that visitors get a feeling that this is huge site with humungous resources. Its the mentality of people that matters, you obviously go to a big mall, rather go to a small grocery shop. 
    Make sure that when you start your publishing frequency to be 5 per day, then you can keep up with the same through out your blog life. Sometimes, it so happens that you can find no information about your niche, and you can’t create content, then it will be a loss. For an authority blog to survive, feeding content is a must.

HOW TO: Increase Domain Authority? Before That What is Domain Authority?

3. Optimize for Search Engine
    When you now have a great design and logo, the next step you need to focus is on content. With great content, its time for some optimization. Search engines are the quality inspectors, we can’t cheat them or bribe them. Search engines are so loyal that they help us grow better. So, its very important that we need to write for audience and optimize it for search engines.
    Smart blogging comes only with smart search engine optimizations. So, make sure you follow search engine algorithms and updates. Any changes in search engines, can make variations in your traffic.

4. Promotion and Marketing
    Content create becomes popular only with promotions, sites like twitter, facebook, stumbleupon might help. But we need a game changer, so we would opt for doing guest posting on other sites. Its just subtle to mark your presence on other sites, than just commenting about your site on other sites. 
    Marketing is the key strategy that you need to build and comes only by experience, promotion is one thing, but keep the old content promoted and in motion in another thing, this is where marketing comes into picture. Recycling old content for better use. Because ultimately its the content that visitors are visiting your blog for answers and reviews and for educational purposed.

The above methods are great ways to start an authority blog. But in any case if you are unable to perform that action, I would recommend you hire a professional or get a job. Now that you are enriched with 4 great awesome tips to build a dominant authority blog, you can get started with one too.

5 Essential SEO Tips for Startup Websites

Saturday, February 8, 2014
If you are starting up a website then it may serve you better to buy an old domain as oppose to coming up with your own. This is because older domains that were registered with Google at some point are better for ranking up the search engine results pages. A brand new domain is going to struggle a little to rank up because it is new and Google prefers older domains that have been well maintained.

1 - Plan your website from the very beginning

This is vitally important as it will help you avoid various screw ups in the future. Plan it so that you know what pages are going to be on it, you know what audience each page is going to target, and how you are going to weight your pages so that one page is not significantly heaver than the others. Planning is also vitally important because of navigation. You need to get your navigation right, and ideally you are going to have at least three internal links pointing at each page. As you can imagine, planning this carefully is important.

You can also plan your keywords well in advance, as well as all the content and Meta content you are going to have to add. It also means planning your titles, H tags and your URL names. Planning how you are going to layer your pages, funnel your customers and put your navigation into a hierarchy is also important.

2 - Navigation and the correct anchor text is important

As stated above, the navigation on your website is important, which is why planning is so important. But, the navigation is so important that it needs special attention. The links you create that point out of your website may affect your SEO, and the internal link structure will definitely affect your SEO.

Your anchor text is important too. The anchor text for your internal links needs to be informative and descriptive. It should ideally hold a keyword that is relevant to the page it links to. Your anchor text tells Google what the linked page is all about. If your anchor text is misleading then Google is going to get it wrong about your internal pages.

3 - Your on-page SEO should be fully complete before uploading a page

This is true as there are few excuses for not. You can complete your entire website before uploading it to the host server. It does your website no good to have blank pages or unfinished pages. You should be able to load your website onto the server in one go and go online with a perfect website. Doing this is far better than any alternative.

4 - Tight code, clean code and severely bug tested before going online

Bug testing before you go online is very important, and remember that cross browser compatibility is a big deal. Also remember that screen sizes may need to be compensated for. Bug testing will avoid any big SEO disasters in the near future. A tight website code will ensure that loading and render times are not inoffensive, and Google will index you and rank you higher if your code is clean HTML. Any other varieties of programming code can be stored as an external resource. Google only indexes HTML coded pages, and if there are other snippets of code within the HTML then the indexing bots are likely to stop reading and move on.

5 - Take an SEO audit you do yourself and run a WC3 validator check

Now that you have your website all ready to go, you may want to run a few checks. If you wish you may publish your website and wait a few days before running the tests. Run an SEO audit to see if you have missed any on-page SEO that you should not have. Your off-page SEO is going to be terrible, but that is not a problem since you have not started any of that yet. You are looking for mistakes and omissions within your on-page SEO.

You then need to run a W3C validator check. Keeping up with W3C standards is not an SEO issue, but it does make it easier to avoid mistakes that may be search engine unfriendly by simply keeping up with their standards. You can run a validator check for free with quite a few online resources. Try a few and see if they point out anything that may need fixing within your website. Fix any problems and you should be fine for the moment.

Author bio:
Sonia J. is an author of this post. She's also in a team of http://writing-service-assistant.com/ that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.

Keep your system safe from malicious virus

Saturday, January 25, 2014
What’s a computer? Your lifeline. What’s a virus? Deaths knell for your PC. It is essential to keep your computer in good condition. How can or would you do that?  You can safeguard your system by downloading and installing best antivirus software

Lack of antivirus on your PC is an indication that your computer is open to all sorts of malware that may be lurking around on the internet. These malware come in unusual forms like spyware, adware, worms, worms etc. that eventually lead to your files being damaged and destroyed and your personal information stolen. With such malware around, you run into risks of not only losing your personal info but even your hard earned money. Therefore, it is worthwhile investing in excellent antivirus software than losing your money lying secure in your bank accounts.
These malicious viruses can be dangerous, destructive. Similar to human virus, this virus spreads quickly. As a result, the speed of the computer slows down and its performance goes for a toss. The internet gets bunged with spam that renders it non-functional. This can also lead to a complete computer crash down.
There are lots of antivirus such as Shield, AVG, Avast, Mcfee and Norton accessible in the market. They come with different features and prices presenting a complete defense from such virus. Every day you see new range of malware in different shapes and sizes that come to the fore. Therefore, it becomes vital to take care of your system from such destruction.
You can purchase them from different companies that offer them for a fee. You will also see lots of apps available online for free. It is quite simple to download these software from the website of these software companies and purge your computer from deadly virus as they provide complete protection. How about going through antivirus reviews available online and in magazines to see which software works well for you. You will see that these antivirus gel pretty well with all the versions of Microsoft. It can be Windows 7 or 8 and even Mac.
At Click4support.net we offer antivirus software support both to small businesses and businesses. We offer 24/7 yearly online technical support to our clientele. We offer personalized and extensive technical support. You can call us anytime at our toll-free antivirus support phone number 1-888-884-0006.
Anna Asthesia is chief technial head in optimopro.com & working from last 5 years. She likes to write article on windows registry , computer problems & how to find genuine online tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones.You can read her latest blogs on blog.optimopro.com

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