Signage in the Store

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
When you own a business, you need to reach out to customers. One of the ways to do that is by using custom signs. There are many kinds of signs that you can get that will get the attention of customers so that they will know about the business as well as some of the sales that are held.

Custom signs that are made of lights often attract more customers than a plain sign on paper. The light display can be changed so that it shows another picture or set of words. This can save the store money on advertising as you won't have to keep getting signs made. These signs are often used in grocery stores as well as retail stores where sales will change on a frequent basis. You can put the signs on a shelf so that customers can see them while they are in front of the products, or larger ones can be placed on a wall so that they are prominently seen. These will help get a message across to customers about any closings that the store might have or new products that might be introduced in the future. Custom signs can also include the phone number and name of the business with a logo. Learn more about designs and how to order by looking online.

Pictures Over Words - When your own a business is important!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Pictures Over Words

Reaching others when you own a business is important because your customers are who will make your business succeed. One of the best ways to get information to people is by visually advertising. This can be done in a variety of ways whether it's on a billboard or on a flyer that's circulated through town.

The most common reason you should advertise is to let other people know that you are in business. If people don't know you're open, they won't be able to spend money in your store. When there are people walking by your store all day, they know you're there. It's the people who don't know your store exists who will benefit from advertising. You can let customers know about all of the sales and promotions that the store holds through the year by advertising in newspapers. Another benefit of advertising visually is that customers can quickly see what you have to offer instead of reading a lot of information about the store online. This will give them a way to see whether they need anything that your store sells or if they can let others know about what your store offers so that they can shop at your business. Find out here about various ways to advertise visually to get the best responses.

How to Protect your OST File against Corruption

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
MS Outlook these days are used to store a large amount of data such as messages, emails with attachments, contacts, mailboxes, mail accounts as well as large amount of personal data within draft and hence, once corruption or virus attacks and data lost , it can be real big problem. In case of corruption or deleted data, there is large number of applications in data recovery online market which you can use not only to discover the location of your lost or deleted OST file, but simply access it and recover your precious data. Thus repair corrupt OST file is easier and uncomplicated as compared to other OST recovery. 
A large amount of free applications are available in web market which helps the OST user to keep emails harmless of his OST file. These available applications user can opt or user can use inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft ScanOST.exe and repair your corrupt OST.
How to Repair Corrupt OST File Manually
Follow these steps given below to repair OST file using Scanost.exe utility:

·         Outlook is not in running condition while using scanost.exe
·         Double click on ScanOST.exe file
·         Inbox Repair Tool window will appear
·         Select corrupt OST file.
·         Check the box “Repair Errors” to resolve the problems.
·         Now click on scan option to start the scanning of selected ost file.
·         You will receive a message (“OST repaired successfully”) once the file is scanned and properly repaired.
If this utility doesn’t work properly and fails to repair corrupt OST file or fix corrupt OST files corruptions, in that situation you can try Best OST to PST Converter. So, you need to do is install OST to PST converter application on your operating system and easily repair and recover OST file and convert them into PST format. In case of any trouble of installation of OST to Outlook PST converter software you can contact our technical support team. They can be easily solving all your problems related to software as well as related to OST file corruption. Most of this technical service available for free and they are technologically advanced so they can be help remotely as well.  OST to PST Converter is a widely known email conversion application which is an improved version of OST recovery software.

Opt Technically Advanced IBID Info OST to PST Converter Solution

This licensed version of this advanced OST to PST conversion software can be purchase online, thereby availing various services provided by this software. This IBID Info OST Recovery tool enables you to extract each email objects present in OST file and restore them to latest PST file. It can safely converts emails, attachments, tasks, calendar entries, notes and journals too. This award winning application protects your OST data in case of virus attacks, accidental deletion of user mailboxes, or server crash condition. This application available in two versions: free and premium or licensed version. So purchase this premium version which offers some enhanced features along with security solution for your OST file.

How to Add Value When Making Car Repairs

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Car repairs are unfortunately a necessary part of vehicle ownership. All of the components in a vehicle can and will wear out or break over time, and repair work will be needed for all makes and models. While you can simply locate the parts numbers on the components that need to be replaced and make an apples for apples switch, another idea is to add true value to your vehicle by taking the opportunity to make an upgrade. While not all components will have upgraded or enhanced parts available, there are actually some rather cost-effective and affordable solutions that can yield great results with minimal additional out-of-pocket expense for you. These are just a few ideas that you can consider the next time your vehicle requires repairs.

Changing Your Vehicle's Light Bulbs
You may have light bulbs throughout the interior and exterior of your vehicle, so you may find yourself needing to change the light bulbs rather frequently. While some may burn out, others may become damaged due to a mishap. It is simple enough to locate the exact same bulbs that are currently in your vehicle when you are making a replacement, but a better idea is to make an affordable upgrade. For example, the 3157 led bulb can be installed for your head lamps, turn signals and other lights, and it gives your car a more exotic, luxurious look. If you make this upgrade, be sure that you replace all of the exterior bulbs at the same time so that your lighting has a uniform appearance.

Upgraded Tires
There are few things that can impact a vehicle's overall style more dramatically than the tires. When the tires are basic, even a beautiful vehicle can take on a downgraded look. While you may want to extend the life of your existing tires for as long as possible, when the time comes to make a replacement, you can invest a few hundred extra dollars to make a desirable upgrade. Simply going up a size or two on the tires may be all that it takes to give your vehicle the upgraded look that you desire, and this benefit can continue for as long as those tires are on the vehicle.

Keeping your car in great shape by making repairs as needed is always a smart idea, but rather than stick with the status quo, you can make a beneficial upgrade. Consider how you can implement some of these or other beneficial upgrades to improve the value, function and look of your vehicle.

HOW TO: Add Page Numbers in Adobe PDF Document Revealed using Tools

Monday, October 20, 2014
When the number of pages in a PDF file is more and the pages are not numbered, then managing them in a sequential order becomes quite troublesome. Moreover, when the requirement is such that the most relied upon Portable Document File containing important details has to be used for highly sophisticated purposes; such as, have to be presented in the court of law to the judge, used by lawyers, scientists, researchers, offices, companies, etc. then to apply numbers or alphabets sequentially on them becomes quite a necessary task. The reason being that it gets easier to maintain order of pages one after the other so that readability increases and the sense of pages are also maintained. Therefore, it is highly significant to recognize tools to add page numbers in Adobe PDF document files and this post helps you acknowledge some of them. Any one of them can be adopted depending on requirement. 

Necessity of Adding Page Numbers to PDF Files – Get a Quick Glance

The various reasons as to why it gets essential to put-on ‘numbering’ on pages, be it numbers or a series of alphabets are as follows:
  • It allows pages of documents to be compiled in a sequential manner that can otherwise be a kind of havoc.
  • Any specific page can be quickly cited in a short span of time without having to worry much.
  • Readers can easily and quickly find out any particular parts of documents without complexity.
  • Size of documents can be easily known by a quick glance at the page number on the last page.
Get Hold of Several Tools to Add Page Numbers in Adobe PDF Document

Method 1: A-PDF Number, a Free Tool Available at
  1. Visit the link to download the tool by clicking on the download tab and then install it.
  2. Then a small window as shown below will appear.
  3. In the tool’s window the first step that should be performed is that the tab Browser, located at the top right corner as shown with a red color arrow in the figure below should be clicked to select the file. In doing so, the file name appears in the box File Name.
  4. Thereby, all the fields such as Page Begin, Page End, Offset, Number Type, Position, Color, Prefix gets enabled; wherein changes as per requirement can be done in all the fields. However, all fields, but ‘Prefix’ are set by default as shown in the image below.
  5. In ‘Number Type’, any of the three (Number, ROMAN NUMBER, roman number) available options can be chosen by clicking the circle as shown in red color in the figure below.
  6. In Position any of the three (Middle bottom, Left bottom, Right bottom) available options can be chosen by clicking on the drop down menu, shown with a tiny black arrow pointing downwards.
  7. Then the Color option is provided, which by default it is black. As per want, it can be changed to different colors available by clicking on a tiny box with different color as shown in red rectangle in the figure below.
  8. The next tab is ‘Prefix,’ which is optional. If wanted, a prefix can be mentioned in the box by typing or can be left blank. After selection, on the right hand side of the window the preview is shown which is highlighted by red color in the figure below.
  9. Then the tab Process, located at the bottom right hand shown in red rectangle should be clicked. In doing so, an option to save the file, with page numbers added arrives. The location so as to store the file should be chosen and then the option Save should be clicked.
  10. Finally, in doing so, the file with added page numbers gets saved as well as opens up on the screen.
  1. Available free of cost for download and execution.
  2. Easy and simple to use i.e. not very tough for usage.
  3. Standalone software as it does not need Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Creates files compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 and all above.
  1. Cannot operate with multiple files at once, i.e. only one document can be numbered at a time which is a huge drawback.
  2. When the number of PDF file is large, the process takes long time.
  3. Only number, capitol Roman number and small roman’s can be used for numbering.
Method 2: PDFill PDF Tools Available at
  1. Visit the website to download the PDFill PDF Tools that has number of tools within in the form of tabs including ‘Add Header and Footer’, which helps in adding page numbers to unnumbered PDF document.
  2. Install the software on your computer system which will take about a few minutes and then the shortcut icon will appear on the desktop as displayed in the figure below in red color rectangle.
  3. For execution of the software so as to add page numbers, double click on the tool’s icon where a small window comes up on the screen, with all the functions displayed as shown below in the figure. As page numbers have to be added, tab ‘Add Header and Footer’ should be clicked on.
  4. On doing so, a window named ‘Select a PDF file to Add Header and Footer’ comes up. Here, the tab ‘Open’ shown in red rectangle in the below figure should be clicked to choose the PDF file.
  5. After selection of the document, a screen ‘Free PDF Tools: Add Header and Footer’ as shown below in the image appears.
  • Here, depending on choice page nos. can be added in the header, footer or at both places. To select the options check boxes named ‘Add Header’ and ‘Add Footer’ have been provided. Here, the Alignment of the page numbers can be set at left, right or center. Even Text can be added before, after or at both places of the page number if desired.
    • If page numbers have to be added at both places i.e. header and footer, both boxes ‘Add Header’ and ‘Add Footer’ should be checked.
    • If page numbers have to added only at header then the check box Add Header should be checked whereas Add Footer should be checked off.
    • If page numbers have to added only at footer then the check box Add Footer should be checked whereas Add Header should be checked off.
  • Then Text Properties such as Font Size, Font Color, Font Style, Font Name, and Font Encode should be applied as per want from the available Drop down Menu or can be left as previous or default.
  • Then ‘Margin From Edges’ can be set up as desired on the Top, Bottom, Left and Right or left as it is.
  • A tab called ‘Resume to Last Options’ is provided which can be clicked to select settings used last time.
  • Finally, after choosing all settings, the Save As tab should be clicked when an option to select the location and to give a new name to the file with added page numbers pops up on the screen whereas the PDF document with added page numbers also opens up on the system screen.
  1. Can be downloaded free of cost and run.
  2. Has a short numbering process.
  1. Execution can be a bit difficult for novice users.
  2. Multiple settings have to be done.
  3. Can process only one file at a time which is a huge setback.
Method 3: Using PDFWARE PDF Bates Numberer available at 

PDF Bates Numberer is a professional tool developed to add page numbers to PDF documents quickly in a short span of time and without any hurdles. It is not available for free but its demo version can certainly be downloaded to test the working of the application. 

Know How It Works!

It involves five steps as explained below.
  1. The tool should be purchased and downloaded and installed on any Windows system.
  2. The software should be run by clicking on its icon. The first step involves selection of available options. Here, the check box Generate Bates Number should be checked and then click Next tab.
  3. Then the second step arrives, which involves selecting PDF file(s) with the option Add Files and Add Folders. Again, the tab ‘Next’ should be clicked.
  4. Then the third step arrives which involves providing details as to how page numbers should be added. The various options available are shown in the image below such as Series for Pages, Number of Digits, etc.
  5. Then the fourth step comes up known as Options. Here, in this section various things need to be selected such as Position, Font, Color, File Name, Destination location, etc. Then the tab ‘Next’ should be clicked as in the image below.
  6. Finally, a summary report is generated which shows all the details as shown in the picture pasted below. Here, Preview and/or Generate tab can be clicked to obtain the preview or the PDF file(s) with page numbers.
Finally, a message as shown in the picture below pops up on the computer screen.

  1. Multiple files can be allotted page numbers at once with the option ‘Add Folders.’
  2. Adobe Acrobat installation is not essential.
  3. Ability to eradicate encryption.
  4. Allows adding Bates number and printing it on paper.
  5. Renders various options for formatting.
  1. It is a paid software application.
Final Words
Here, in the guest post is discussed three methods to add page numbers to files of .pdf format. Both pros and cons associated with them are also discussed that shall make it easy for readers to choose one or more for them. The first two software applications are freeware while PDF Bates Numberer requires license keys. Though paid, the significant advantage that it renders is that it can process files in bulk as well as has a short and simple procedure. Hence the tool avoids complexity and time when the number of files is huge. Therefore, having discussed in the post the working, pros as well as cons of the utilities, users can select either based on requirement and suitability.

Edwin Hoffer is a Technical Expert blogger, currently known for his immense contribution at PDF Tips blog. Apart from blogging, he loves to participate in multiple communities & forums rejoices in assisting troubled users.

Knowing All About the Blackberry Passport Before Purchasing

Thursday, October 2, 2014
When we speak of smartphones the top brands which come in mind are Apple or Blackberry. Their clout and reputation far supersedes the competing brands. Just like Apple, Blackberry has created its own niche in the mobile industry and has a loyal customer base who cannot think to switch from their Blackberry. Let’s take a look at the Blackberry Passport, which is a tad different in looks from the earlier Blackberry models.

Blackberry Passport is of the size of US passport and is thicker than the travel documents. Its well made resin back is quite smooth. At a time when all the smartphone makers are trying to make bigger rectangular screens, BlackBerry continued to focus on making largest square that could fit in human hand or pocket.

The company claims to stick to the square shape mainly to stand out among the competitors. There is more practical reason too. More horizontal text of the websites, excel cells and emails are displayed on the wider resolution surface. Entire website map of spinning class could be seen without resorting to zoom or rotating display like t is on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. Wider dimensions make it difficult to reach the parts of screen almost impossible with one hand. The Blackberry is available on good discounts if you use Flipkart discount coupons.

BlackBerry Passport has the number keys on its screen. It has smaller three-row keyboard under the display and this causes awkwardness. It is about third of size of screen and makes phone top heavy at the time of typing on it. It does not look like key board of BlackBerry. There are well spaced angled keys and frets but as important shift, punctuation and number keys are not there but they just pop up physically on screen. It is more difficult to get used to it than it appears. However, no matter how scary that sounds, it is not really so tricky to master it.

The typing capability has reduced substantially on the passport. But with improvements to iOS keyword and also wider screen of iPhone6, more words can now be typed on glass. New Classic phone having traditional keyboard will be released by BlackBerry soon and along with it there are some Snapdeal coupon codes that would be handy while making a purchase.

On using predictive text feature of passport, things speed up considerably and this is faster than iPhones or Android’s because of key board which is like trackpad. Swipe up on keys for picking one of expected words, swipe down for scrolling through email, swipe left for deleting last word.

The operating system of BlackBerry 10.3 is full of gestures that are difficult to master initially but once you do it, can be done speedily and it still has best clients for mobile email. In place of home button swipe up from bottom of screen for minimizing any app. Swipe to left from screen for getting to universal inbox that houses your all emails and messages. This is best way of getting to perfect mobile email client. Attachment editing, better draft email support and formatting options have put BlackBerry in leading position compared to Android email apps and iOS. Get all the latest mobile deals and offers on for making good savings.

With BlackBerry Balance business calls and data can be encrypted and stored away from the personal content. The performance of the battery is far better than that of Moto X and new iPhone making it to next day without being recharged.

The Contribution of Mobile Technology to Retail

Thursday, September 25, 2014
At the moment, you can’t keep up with your fellow retailers without incorporating mobile technology in your business. Mobile technology can be harmful to some businesses by leading the customers away, since it provides a platform for checking prices and show rooming. However, its benefits outweigh its shortcomings by far. In fact, the challenges posed by the technology should be viewed as a positive motivation to improve the products and services offered by retailers, while still providing affordable and competitive prices. The following are some of the benefits associated with mobile technology.


Speed is very important in business, especially in service-oriented businesses. It can be the difference between success and failure in your business. Nowadays, peoples’ lifestyles cannot allow for a single minute to be wasted in a store. Therefore, they tend to prefer the stores that provide services swiftly. High speed in retail stores can only be achieved when mobile technology has been incorporated in the system of service delivery.
Mobile technology can speed up multiple aspects of your retail store such as inventorying, the checkout process, customer service, and many more. For instance, a retail store that allows customers to make transactions using PayPal is much better off than a retail store that only allows cash for payment. With mobile gadgets such as an iPad, the staff can offer faster services to the clients because all the information they need is in their hands.
In hindsight, one can hazard a comment that not all physical outlets will entrust their checkout to some technology. Only in very upgraded malls can online transactions be done with less hassle between cashier and client. To some, a faulty entry could cause an error which the client might mistake as intentional on the part of the cashier. So, I would advise training the cashiers well to prevent mishaps.


The web is a very rich source of information that can be easily accessed by mobile gadgets. Mobile technology can also track and evaluate traffic, then give valuable information on shoppers; behavior inside your store.
You can utilize mobile-enabled foot traffic analytics to get information about various things, such as the sections of your store that are getting the most or the least customers, the time of the day that you receive the most customers, and the average time that the customers take in your store. The information can greatly help you in making better, more informed decisions, such how to arrange the store. Staff allocation and finding the best-performing section of the store can also be done with this data.
In hindsight, there is always the possibility of slow internet, which delays the processing of electronic transactions. There is also the matter of tampering with device usage through electronic signal interference. In the same breath that we commend the discovery of new electronic processes and gadgets, we must also issue the warning that a failsafe device or something like one must be used alongside to foil malware or persons with criminal motives.

Author Bio:
I am Jeniffer, editor at Key Difference. Am passionate about SEO services, Technology, Email Marketing Services, Mobile Application Development, Marketing Consultant, etc. I wish to share my knowledge with others and jump into blogging.

Why Rockchip And Intel Are Working Towards Building A Tablet?

Monday, September 22, 2014
We are inundated with so many devices nowadays that the answer to “what device I should buy” does not come easy to us. One such device that is giving people a really hard time is the perfect tablet?
“Perfect tablet”, is there any such thing as the perfect tablet? Well to be fair it all depends on the reasons for which you are using a tablet. The Samsungs average priced tablets are a great hit with people who only need a tablet for some very basic uses like checking notifications on social media. But then Lenovo’s and other high end tablets are one of the most sought after tablets by people who want to use their tablets for some work that involves heavy processing like web development and graphic designing. There is one question that arises here, are the high end tablets as convenient as the laptops or desktops and are they really designed for heavy processing?

Well if you are a web developer like me, and love to experiment when you are developing or designing something and you have tried to do such work on a tablet you must have suffered burns because of the overheated tablet surface and you must have suffered from consistent crashing just like I did. So I believe that most of the web designers and graphic designers would agree with me that there is still a need to develop the perfect tablet for such forms of heavy processing. This is exactly the dilemma that Intel and Rockchip are trying to solve. Right this is the point where I interrupt and tell you about Rockchip. It is a Chinese company that specializes in SoC, more commonly known as system on chip. They have been the leading company producing solutions for all the portable devices. So you see how this venture can actually lead us to a fulfilling solution. They want to bring a high end tablet in the market that meets the needs of all those professionals that are trying to get their work done on tablets instead of facing the miseries of working with a computer. The truth is and I truly believe that both of these tech giants and some would argue tech legends can produce the tablets that we have always dreamed of.
So here are some important points of the deal that they have struck together:
  • Intel has to get its hand dirty with programming the android operating system. They are trying to enhance the system so that people can deliver solutions to various android related problems easily.
  • Both of the companies will come together to present the world with a quad core technology branded by Intel and that runs on the Intel Atom processor. This is a completely new platform and has a lot of tablets lovers really excited! It will be up and running and in the markets by 2015. It will be a remarkable addition to the Intel’s already expanding Android family.
  • Both the companies Intel and Rockchip are thinking of this contract or deal as the best way to step in to the international market. Or with a backing and a name like that of Intel’s Rockchip has just signed off a deal to enter the global tech network.
  • They are both hoping to put their best foot forward to produce the most sought after tablet.

Author bio: Patricia
I’m working as a marketing consultant at key Difference. I have complete passion towards writing articles about Application Development, Web Designing and many more.

How to Install CyanogenMod Android 4

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Installing the CyanogenMod Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM11 M9 Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


ROM developers CyanogenMod have released the latest Android v4.4.4 KitKat CM11 M9 software

update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190 (3G).

The updated CM11 M9 custom ROM is based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) v4.4.4

KitKat OS and brings customization options to boost device performance, a new visual interface, with

easy access to key apps and loads of personalization options such as: Additional Proximity wake-up

support option – prevents accidental wake-up of device (when kept in bag or pocket), by using sensor;

Double-tap to sleep when using secure keyboard; Bluetooth improvements (adds A2DP profiles);

Spam notification filtering; Center clock support; Performance improvement in 'Torch'; Additional

improvements and highlighting option for 'Settings' search; Safe headset volume prompt option (when

interfering with third party device- Jawbone, Square, etc.); Translation options (developed by CM

Crowdin Team)

The update also provides Data usage info (additional support for CDMA devices without SIM cards); New

Email - with a fix for saving attachments to storage for POP (Post Office Protocol)3 accounts; AVRCP

1.5 disable default option introduced for Bluetooth feature to fix various car unit compatibility issues;

Performance tweaks and many more improvements to enhance user-experience.

Before installing Custom ROM, remember:

Installing custom ROM improves the device's performance and UI experiences, voids the warranty void

and may no longer receive updates in future [you may restore warranty by flashing the device with


Make sure the device is rooted before going forward for custom ROM installation.

This new CyanogenMod Android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware has to be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Mini GT-I9190 (3G) model only; if tried on other devices, it might get bricked [To check your device

model: Go to Settings >> About phone >> model number]

Installation of custom ROM requires clearing of memory in the smartphone, so make sure to back all the

data by installing Clockwork Mod (CWM) Recovery/ TWRP in the smartphone.

Make sure to install USB drivers on the PC, or else your phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190)

smartphone will not be recognized by the computer.

Make sure your device has more than 80 percent battery, or else there is chance of smartphone getting

temporarily bricked if the installation process is interrupted in the mid-way.

Always remember that this procedure is very technical and should be performed by a person with sound

knowledge of rooting (or manual software installation) of Android devices. Not following the step-by-
step installation process may bead to Smartphone getting bricked or permanently irreparable.

The Step-by-step installation of CyanogenMod Android v4.4.4 KitKat CM11 M9 Custom ROM on

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9190):

Step 1: Download CyanogenMod Android v4.4.4 KitKat CM11 M9 Custom ROM (here) in to your PC.

Step 2: Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9190) to PC via USB cord. Ensure USB driver software is


Step 3: Place Android v4.4.4 KitKat CM11 M9 Custom ROM zip file into the phone's SD card Root

memory not in any other folder. Before beginning installing ensure that the device is rooted and

ClockworkMod Recovery/TWRP tool is installed.

Step 4: Turn off the device and disconnect from the PC.

Step 5: Perform the regular Recovery Mode sortie by press holding 'Volume (up)', 'Home' and 'Power'


Step 6: After entering the RECOVERY mode, clear the phone memory, by selecting 'wipe data/factory

reset.' You should use 'Volume' keys to navigate and 'Power' button to select options, while operating

under Recovery Mode.

Step 7: Clear the cache memory by choosing 'wipe cache partition'

Step 8: Go back to ClockworkMod recovery, select 'advanced' and 'wipe dalvik cache' this Optional steep

is recommended so you do not face boot loops or other errors during custom ROM installation.

Step 9: Go to main recovery screen and tap 'install zip from SD card'

Step 10: Then tap 'choose zip from sdcard' and go to Android 4.4.4 ROM .zip file in SD card and enter the

installation process. 'Volume' keys to navigate and 'Power' button to select options.

Step 11: After installation, navigate to '+++++Go Back+++++' and re-start the device by opting 'reboot

system now' seen if in the recovery menu.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190 will take a few minutes to complete the booting process.

A new dimension with usability testing

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
"How would it feel if a customer does not enter your shop just for a simple reason that the front door of your shop is hard to open, or if the stairs at the front are not in even size? For me, I won’t buy a product if I feel the presentation is not good. Every visitor which converts into a customer, is a success for an e-commerce website. Considering e-commerce websites, sales is directly proportional to the usability. Usability refers to a lot of factors such as responsiveness, ease of access, expectation of users, breadcrumbs and in short, overall look and feel of the website.

It is best to test usability with the live users as it will exactly tell how the users are using your website, Testing usability with live users will leave no space for assumptions(putting yourself in customer shoes). How to test usability for an e-commerce website?
Some of the ways are:
1. Eye movement tracking.
2. Mouse movement tracking.
3. Tracking mouse clicks.
Information from tracking reports can help in knowing what areas you need to make more appealing in your website. Some of the tools for testing usability are:
Usability testing of any software refers to measuring or testing the ease of utilizing any software. It measures 'How easy and convenient it is to use and learn the software'.
Usability is crucial for e-commerce websites having different pages related to shopping carts, shipping and billing flow, Payment and order process, since it involves another layer of complexity in creating usable online stores.
Usability is vital for an online shop to attain its full potency. If people cannot shop, find it unsecured and long order process, then the site is despicable. Any ecommerce website’s goal is to expedite and streamline the purchase process as effectively as possible.
Yes, it is possible to get the usability of the software tested through live user, even when geographically distant located through video conferencing or software available in the market. Click locations and streams of the users along with any critical incidents that occurred are automatically entered, along with user's feedback.  Remote usability testing allows to record the duration each tester took to complete the tasks. Testing is carried out in the real environment of the user instead of a controlled environment.
"Tester Cannot have a user Experience” - May be that is why Usability Testing came into the picture as it is the most proximate way to assume a customer view. It attempts test on User Interface of the application through which user interact and concludes the ease to use a specific Web Application by a native user.
When money comes into the action like in E-Commerce Web application Usability Testing becomes an indispensable virtue of testing. It becomes highly essential to test the robustness and learnability ratio. Depicting how well an application interface is made and how easy does a customer finds it to use.
In Usability testing priority takes an upper edge than severity as what people will conceive about the application through itsfront end.Best way to conduct Usability Testing in my opinion would be giving it away to a group customer or user to testwithin as their mindset is different as that of a tester therefore their response would be different.Paying attention to what users do, not just what they say can help a lot in increasing the efficiency of application as well as gaining trust.
It is possible to run a usability test with the live audience in our website in two ways:
Screen Sharing and Audio and Recording Sessions
E-commerce is nothing but modern marketing approach for selling things online, for making an e-commerce website successful among all the competitors it needs a good user experience. Here, emerges the need for usability testing for an e-commerce to make it user friendly. Following elements needs more focus in usability testing of ecommerce website.
• Registration page: This page should be more interactive and support auto fills option for repetitive entries. Also, in case any wrong entry in the form error should be displayed only at the entry instead of an error message with complete blank form.
• Checkout process: Ensure that it should be more secure and convenient for a user while completing the shopping.
• Product Descriptions: Detailed descriptions of top notch should display the product through image, text and video and clearly and effectively as possible.
• Important information: It should be easily findable for the user.
• Cart: Products should be easily added to it.
It is possible to run a usability test with the live audience in website, by giving them access to the beta version of the application and allowing them to report issues through mail or any bug logging tool.
In this competitive world, there are so many e-commerce websites that are being used among various users in the market. Usability testing is done to measure the ease of use for an e-commerce website. This can result in a significant growth in ROI with the following aids:
~ Reduction in customer care enquiries
~ Reduction in checkout process that promotes customers to reuse the site in future
~ Improvement in understanding of customer's need etc.
Consumers are the best usability tester for an e-commerce website. We can encourage users to share their experience by giving them additional points or discounts for future purchase.
The usability of an e-commerce site should be regularly improved. It leads to building a competitive edge over other similar sites. User are not satisfied with just simple shopping sites. They want similar experience which they get while shopping in a real store. Customers should be provided with product information with high level of detail and similarly Checkout experience should be easy and smooth.
It is possible to run a usability test with live audience. I would suggest running the test in a leading shopping store by setting up systems and then asking the customers to compare their experience with shopping online and shopping in a store.
In usability testing basically the tester’s tests user-friendliness of a product. It reveals parameters like users' comfortable level with your application (or website) according to its flow, navigation, layout, speed and content.
Usability testing tests that how easy it is-
– To use the software.
– To learn the software.
– How convenient is the software to end user
For an e-commerce website it can be reason of its popularity or it might even doom that e-commerce website too.
Running usability test with live users is a fantastic way to find out different use scenarios and one can use Crowd testing for it. Not only it will benefit from perspective of budget but it also will provide different thinking and usability scenarios, by people with different nature, priorities and uses for an e-commerce website, also Crowd-sourced testing experts will have different devices of which they would be testing the product."
E-commerce is latest boom. People from all ages are part for this new wave. And with increase in number of internet users due to mobility, testing an E commerce site from usability prospective is highly essential. If users find it difficulty in making purchase or making payment, then whole idea of selling goes down, no matter how good products one make available on their website. User experience should be smooth and quick with all necessary information shared point to point while accessing e commerce site.
As far as running usability test with live audience is concerned, I think yes this is very much feasible and should be made a practice along with regular testing. This can be achieved with great success using ‘Crowd Testing’where users across the globe share their experiences to help make the application better. There are many portals exist in market to achieve this goal like, etc. They provide crowd testers a platform to express their concerns, likes and dislikes about the application which help in enhancing usability experience of site.

If user experiences great when he/she visits an e-commerce website its direct impact on revenue. So, certainly usability testing is very much required for an e-commerce website. Now a days ‘Feedback’ concept very useful to enhance user experience as well as for usability testing. Checkout flow should be simple and smooth. Need to test UI of e-commerce websites against jazzy themes and colors. Invoices and Receipts should be clear to understand the taxes, discounted amount, VAT.  
Certainly, it is possible to run a usability test with the live audience in your website. Through on line customer care chat option and feedback options are very popular to get the user experiences and trace out the problems faced by the live users. All the total cost should be displayed before payment. Search functionality should reflect relevant products otherwise it would badly impact stakeholders business. Coupon codes and discount links/buttons/labels should be proper placed.
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