HOW TO: Increase your Blog Readers and Convert them to Subscribers

Getting started with blogging is now a difficult task, as their has been many new changes in algorithms, of Google search. Although some bloggers have overcome this Google Panda and Penguin effect and have increased their blog traffic and readers and convert them to subscribers. They have succeeded in converting their readers into subscribers. Now getting page viewsto your blog has not been this difficult. In this article, I'll let you know some awesome tips to increase blog traffic and readers and convert them to subscribers.

What do you need?

You need to have a great blog relating to good niche. When I say good niche means, it could be a technology site, or gadget site, or review site, or blogging site, or android tweaks site, basically I mean the trending things which usually grasps visitors eyes. And your site should be filled with awesome content and helpful content. The main reason visitors visits your site is for information, which you provide. If its helpful, the reader is happy and subscribes to your site.

What you Have to Do?

It is not a very easy task. To convert your readers into subscribers, you need to first gather around your readers. Ask them their need, ask them 'what are they looking for?'. Write about it, and they will share your article to their peers if they find it helpful. So, now that you attract your readers, how do you convert them to subscribers? You need a service that lets your information to pass-on to various people and to their email id. Services like Feed-burner, Aweber, Feedblitz,  Mailchimp, WP-OIO publisher, WP- Pop up domination etc.

I would recommend Feed-burner as its a free service from Google. And you will have a lot of features to play with. If you are using Wordpress I recommend Pop-up Domination as its widely used and has very clear cut features and its attractive.

What will happen after that?

If you have registered to Feedburner or similar site like that which tells you the current number of readers of your Blog then you will see a gradual increase in the readers and your traffic will increase gradually. Feedburner will bounce your feed to various other feed viewers and services. As and when you publish your post, the feed reach increases, which is a good thing. This will increase blog readers and hopefully you will be able to convert your readers to subscribers.

What makes the Difference?

You are using Feedburner and someother site uses Pop-up domination which is very effective when compared to feedburner. So, what makes you stand out? Have a small subscribe button on your homepage and I also recommend that you have a widget at the end of every article.

What if my design of blog isn't good?

If you observe that your site structure is not user friendly, or design is not that great then I strongly recommend that you get started with your design of your site and make it navigable. The more fast your site loads and the more user friendly you site is the more readers you get. More the reader you get, more you convert into subscribers.

Tips to Convert readers to subscribers:

  • Write great content, and perform keyword research using any suitable tool. Google Keyword tool is recommended. 
  • Always perform on page seo optimization.
  • Remember to interact with your readers and try to incept their mind.
  • Extend your blog's reach, write guest articles and increase inbound links.
  • Provide giveaways to readers so that it makes them feel pumped and would be able to convert them to subscribe to your blog.
  • Promote your blog's feed to various feed directories.
  • Previously commenting would fetch good amount of direct traffic, but due to recent developments in search engines its reduced. Get to know how to overcome Google Panda updates and increase traffic to your blog.
  • Throw a contest, ask them to subscribe during participation of contest. Its wicked way of asking them to subscribe, but hey you are giving them something.
  • Design a good pop up feed subscriber widget and let it pass by as readers reads your great content.
  • Write lengthy articles, so that psychologically reader would believe that you are a true writer and will subscribe to your blog.
  • Increase your traffic, increase Google page rank, improve alexa ranking, increase internal linking, increase keyword density.
  • Use social networks for business activities.
  • Post it on micro-blogging sites like twitter, pin-it on pinterest, promote your feed on facebook.

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