Why Digg, Stumble upon is good way to promote your blog?

Social media is a network, where in as many people try and search for their friends as per what exactly are they doing? This is very true for many users, but only with a normal person's perspective. If you look through the eye's of a blogger, its 'Bull's eye pattern'. Every where you see is just tremendous traffic.

Now as a blogger, he exploits at his best what can be made, so as to promote his blog. You see the problem is people don't want exactly visit your site, as every one knows you get traffic, if someone visit's; Unless, if your blog is very special and most of the people are into it. But there is some other way too, like this post depicts, Why digg and stumble upon?.

I'll give away some tips so as to make your blog more popular in Digg and Stumble upon.

#Create a professional account for both Digg and Stumble upon sites, as first impression is only from your profile looks.

#Get a nice cool pic to your profile.

#Update your profile-duh!

#This is important, Everytime you publish the post, I think you must share the post with Digg and Stumble upon site.

#While sharing, add post's description and category.

#Spend some time in adding friends and developing your profile.

#Keep posting and sharing with your friends and ask them to review by Digging into it as in Digg or Stumble into it as in Stumble upon.

#Finally your in the procedure of promoting your blog, through third best social media sites, The Digg and Stumble upon.

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