Top 10 Do's and Don'ts For Building Business Relationships

The most controversial title, yes. Out there their are many thousands of Blogger who are trying to build relationship with their readers. They just don't want their readers to leave their. In a sense they want more from their readers and the readers expects more from the blogger. The following points are more towards human side of blogging and focuses on development of business relationships with its readers. These are the same types of tips that people who have earned an online hr degree use.

#Do put Archives and Categories/Label:
Readers always are in search of content, and all is the content that drives readers to your site. When you publish your post, readers always want to know more on the blogger and what other post you've published. So, make your archives and category and or label tab available to readers.

#Do have a feed for your blog:
This is important, the other way of accessing your blog is through your feed. And since their are many feed reader software out there, people prefer it. Because its easier way to access content. Show you feed icon, clearly.

#Do define your area of expertise in your navigation bar or header:
The area of expertise where the blogger blogs about the topic, should be clearly visible. Let readers know what you blog about. Keep a tag line, which is catchy enough to capture readers mind, if its too general it just won't work.

#Do show your links and show social proof and Be yourself:
Navigate your links clearly with standard URL, and show yourself. Let people know who the blogger is? whom are they extracting content from.  Also have it shown on many social media sites for publicity of your site.
Being yourself is what matters, its of no use if the content is copied from another blog, but you can interpret the same content and try to make it more unique.

#Do invite other blogger to write a guest post:
This is pretty much of great importance, when reader become a blogger, you've no idea what the potential of the newbie is? So, provide them the chance to write.

#Do Comment on and reply to it in you niche area:
This is of absolute importance, commenting basically increases back links and leads. This back links can fetch to more traffic, Make sure you reply to all comments the readers make, and thank him/her. Or help them if they want an answer.

#Don't Start and stop:
When you start a blog service, you are providing information to the world. You post for some days, and leave it for sometime, and again re-post after months, its of no use. The readers would have already forgotten about the site. So, Keep yourself updated, and keep it coming on regular basis.

#Don't over Sell through E-mail:
Send your blog site link through mails, but don't be a spammer. Always, try to send mail to limited number of people, and don't over Sell your site to the people, who already know about your site.

#Don't be Anonymous:
Have a "About" page in your site, and let the readers know who there are reading from and speaking to? Be unique and original. No one likes boring. As long as you are more interesting than they are, you’re sure to attract them and they’re going to want to hear from you more.

As much as your site needs to be technically sound and functioning, the most important part of any online success is the relationships you build with readers, subscribers, clients, customers and other people in your niche area.
Do share your ideas and comments and lets make the list long.

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