HOW TO: Increase Google Page Rank in easy steps [Revealed]

Do you have a blog, and do you want want to increase Page Rank of your website. Now you might have heard Google Page rank. You need to know more on page rank, so that you get to improve your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your website. SEO is process of getting better Page Rank. With Google Page Rank, you could get your website ranked from Search engines.
This article provides simple tips and information to increase Page rank, in case you haven't got any. There are many tools available to increase backlinks which are released by SEO experts, that can help you with Google page rank. So why buy these tools which are quite expensive, when you can do it for free?

There are several SEO techniques to increase Page rank, if you follow any of the following techniques then the probability of gaining more page rank is set.

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Quality Content:

As we all know SEO is very important, so any search engines don't like any repetative content, it will just ignore it. So, make sure that your content is unique and keep it updating and posting. More number of article and more unique article will fetch you good page rank. The content should not be too long (1500words/page) or too short (100words/page). It should be optimum, between 300 to 700 words would be good enough. Make sure for every 100 words you have your main keyword. And this keyword density should be atleast 3%. If you have done this, chances are more to get a page rank.

Build Backlinks and getting it to increase Page rank:

This is very important, getting backlinks certainly will increase page rank. These are incoming links from other website to your website. Atleast  3 backlinks from a PR8 or 555 backlinks from a PR5 would fetch you a page rank of 3. This is a statistics once a former employee of google had done, who had undertaken page rank under his project. As always Google seems to be very secretive about its Page rank operation. Sometimes even when backlinks are more its hard to get page rank and sometimes page rank even fall, and you don't know why? Google knows which backlink is smart link and which is bad link. Always get a backlink from a relevent site.
The fastest way to get backlinks is posting in forums, drop your link with your signature or get involved in dicussions. More backlinks can be obtained by selling blog templates, or by commenting on high PR websites. Post comments relating to blog post and don't just comment to promote your site. Doing this will fetch a good PR to your website.

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Article writing:

The easy way to increase PR is by article writing to various other article submission websites. The articles should be based on your website. Write a snippet of the article and have a link like 'for more information', and link your website. These backlinks are easy are considered good by Google. Then chances are more to increase your PR easily.

To increase your PR, no tools are very much required. Just follow these simple tips.

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