iPhone 5G: Rumors running around with technology

You are one the blessed people in the century. Not all have the beneficial privilege of this new invention. Apple Company will really bring your fantasy into reality. They are about to release their iPhone 5G. This will really change the history of the mobile world.

iPhone 5G the next big thing running around in technology sector. Apple is coming up with a very unique high quality screen with very high resolution, and improve voice recognition for SIRI app, and thinking to improve its camera capacity and help you record 1080p video recording. Apple developers are also building cool high quality apps for this iPhone 5G. But the real question is when will Apple release iPhone 5G? What is the release date.

 The hottest rumor in the world of technology has confidently reached your ears. The invention of 5G has stunned the techie market. 5G means the fifth generation mobile technology. It has many powerful features that will definitely change the means of using cell phones. It will surely bring the best convenience to the people in the modern world. IPhone 5G fanatics have some of these expectations to be featured in the hottest mobile craze:

  • Double or triple powerful cameras. Picture lovers will be very please to hear this rumor. It might have 10.2 mega pixels with the cooperation of Sony Company. You will be assured of the best quality photos from your iphone 5G.
  • It will also allow video conferencing. Amazing isn’t it? Businessmen can have their agenda on the iPhone 5G. Well, all people will also enjoy this benefit.
  • It has a built in portable scanner. It’s a wow! You will no longer be hassled of your school and office works.
  • It has also has a built-in portable scanner technology. It’s like having a portable clinic, too.
  • IPhone 5G has a solar panel for recharging the battery. That will surely conserve the electricity. It will allow you to use your phone on the go.
  • It has the power to store up to 128GB. Imagine how many precious memories will be stored on your phone.
  • It has a magnificent retina display that is equal to 27.8 mega pixels more.
  • It has a bigger mobile screen of 3.7 inches.
  • Iphone has include (NFC) near field technology. That means that your mobile phone can be debit/credit card.
  • Would you believe rumor says that it has also a mini-time machine? That is the very magical feature of the iPhone 5G. It could send back an object of about a week by transformation!

If these rumored features will come true, Apple Company will make a magical history in the mobile world. IPhone 5G will definitely invade the techie world. It will even eat up all the modern communication gadgets. This iPhone 5G will hopefully be released this year. Though there are many imitations in the mobile market of iPhone 5G, for sure Apple Company’s iPhone is incomparable.

Rumors will  always be rumored and nonetheless, we need to be optimistic, about this wonderful gadget iPhone 5G. We shall want to see the first glimpse of Apple's iPhone 5G and the release date for the same.

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