Story behind Blogspot and rise of 'Wordpress'

Blogging is not just for the blogger but for the visitor in main. The whole idea of blogging started during 2002 and 2005, where the internet industry was booming and lead by Google and its associates. It released a platform called "Blogspot", and was hugely a hit at that time. As days passed, users got to know more on Search engine optimization and felt that blogspot just didn't have it, and several bloggers then started to look after the alternative. Then came the shine of light in midst of darkness "The Wordpress", which was very comfortable with its interface and importantly it was search engine optimized.

It quickly got viral and spread through out the internet, although it had great optimization for search engines it had an added advantage too, i.e. developing pulgins and implementing it using very easy programming language 'php'. Although there were many other competitors for blogging platform, like 'Typepad','Livepad', etc.

The spark was started by Google by was overtaken by Wordpress. User who were on blogspot soon shifted to wordpress. The wordpress strategy of providing options for users was really commentable. It basically had Two versions:
1.Self Hosted blog hosting services

The free hosting from didn't allow users to earn money from there blog, it said "If you want to earn money then you need to invest!". Nice way to go about it...Worpress. So, programmers started developing Framework for Self hosted wordpress blog, and sold to other blogger and made heck lot of money.
But the blogspot wasn't left behind, it is still the most popularly used platform around the globe, the big and only advantage of blogging on blogspot is that it allows you to earn money on a free platform, which wordpress didn't allow.
Nevertheless both platforms had its issues, and still these platforms are renovating itself for better tommorrow.

The reason behind launching blogging platform by Google, was that during 90s' the search engine algorithm was new and it needed more and more content to feed itself, the only way you can feed is by throwing a 'bait', and everyone fell for it.
Now almost every one blogs about anything and everything. The stats by Google say, 2.5billion users on Internet and almost 600million on Facebook, and about 200million regular bloggers. Remaining users just spend time surfing.

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