HOW TO: Start Link Building for Higher Search Engine

You may not have known that internet link building can in fact be used to increase your search engine ranking. Beside from just increasing your ranking it also gives users a much better experience when they’ll browse your website. Whenever the topic of linking is discussed it is often looked at an angle of getting links from external websites but it is not often thought of the benefits one could experience through using internal links. Your ability to create links on your website will increase with the increase in webpages on your site.

The concept of creating internal links to increase search rankings is aided through the use of anchor texts as well. It would interest you to know that popular website like Wikipedia and have all become successful and their big secret is simply making use of internal linking. Below are some tips that you could use to help you start using link building for higher search engine ranks;

  • Website navigation structure- as you build on your website navigation, it is important that you always remember that the aim is to highlight your website and make it known. This can be done through categories, posts or blogs. At times you can find it hard to include all of these at once and if this is the case you can then choose to include navigation at the top bar of your website. You may have seen this in other websites where generally most content will be categorized into Home, About Us, Disclaimer and the likes. With the proper website navigation it will be possible to increase your rankings and this is because of SEO’s which are friendly and keyword rich URL’s.
  • Linking within content- it would be to your advantage to know that search engine’s give first priority to links that are found within the content of the article as opposed to just placing the links at the top of your website. However, in as much as you are encouraged to place links in your content, it is also important that you do not overdo it because it is likely to tire your visitor on your website. Instead of doing that you could use plug-ins instead. 
  • Anchor texts- in as much as you may be trying to build content around your website in order for it to rank higher during searches, it is important for you to use information that is actually there. To avoid such a situation it would be best for you to use anchor texts and not just any anchor texts but those that are SEO friendly. Poorly done links are like stating ‘click here’ and something similar but if you look at it clearly it doesn’t really provide what your user may want.
  • Make use of footer links- these can come in handy especially if you forget to include some potentially important links on your navigation bar so instead you can place them on the footer section of your website.

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