Is Google Page Rank Disappeared? No, as I got one for my Coupon site!

Previously their was too much buzz about the Google page rank when it was released, every one wanted a Google PR for their website. For those who don't exactly know what Google PR is? Its a analysis based on search keywords and traffic you obtain and rating your site on scale of 0-10. The higher the better is your site health status and value. But nowadays Google hasn't really updated PR recently, So every blogger and SEO analyst feel its not to consideration and focus on alexa ranking i.e, search engine ranking. Even I too thought that since many bloggers and SEO analyst has lost faith then why still worry about it. I was hoping to get a PR for my new site where I recently wrote about Windows8 features and release date, like the ones I got for my coupon site where I endorse havahart wireless fence coupon codes and Oakley Signs coupon, you can also have a look at my coupon site.

Why do you think site owners need a Google PR update?

When it comes to starting of a blog or a site, ultimately it all comes down to traffic that you drive to your site. The better the traffic the better the popularity and recognition to you site. Lets say you have a PR0 site and you have pretty decent direct and referral traffic, but you might notice a less traffic is generated from search engines, where as the same with a PR2, PR3, PR4 or even higher PR's the traffic generated from search engines is better than that from direct or referral traffic. So, who doesn't want free traffic? without much of compensations, so to get decent amount of traffic to your site you will require a PR.

Now how is this different from Google's point of view: When Google rate a page rank to a site, it basically looks for quality of the posts, number of unique visitors, and monthly traffic and high rated keywords. Ascertain nobody know the exact algorithm behind it, most SEO experts assume to be this as this has come true many times.  The higher the PR of your site, you article is pushed in front of the line. Say to two blogs write a same article but one with a higher PR and one lower. Search the relevant keywords for the article and you might notice that the site with higher PR is pushed in front of search line, where as the same article with lower PR is left behind.

You might be interested to know more about Google Page Rank and how to get a PR for your site.

Since Google has not updated its PR status to many new blogs and sites, many blogger and SEO consultants have been ignoring them unltil, when I read about this article: Oh No! What happened to Google PR? at searchlandengine.

According to it, Google has not lead down its PR status, although it has not updated in recent times. It very particularly says:
As several sites have reported already, PageRank is still alive in the Toolbar but Google changed the lookup URL. This change has caused third party tools that check PageRank from looking up a page’s PageRank. If you use Internet Explorer and turn on the Google Toolbar, you will still be able to look up the Toolbar PageRank score. But you may not be able to do so if you use a third party tool, not until they update their lookup scripts.
This means Good news folks, Google Page Rank still exist and is alive and kicking hard. If your site doesn't have any PR status for now then don't worry, sooner or later you will get a PR status for your site. This might be too much for a newbie blogger or site owner, but once you dwell in the sea, you will learn how to swim, right? Until then you can check out the recent products which I want to share with you are havahart wireless fence coupon codes and Oakley Signs coupon at my coupon site, its a promotional code offer or discounted offer for these products.

Simple Tips to increase page rank for your site:
  • Keep writing unique and attractive articles
  • Generated traffic by referring your post to friends
  • Share the article on various social media site, and also be active and make friends
  • Comment on articles in the same niche 
  • Try and catch up with latest keywords that are popular, which also enhances your search engine traffic, you could use Google Keyword tool, one of the best in the market.

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