Google Page Rank Updated - November 2011

Today Google just updated its prestigious page rank criteria, which helps every blogger to know the status of their blog and site. If you are unaware of Google page rank, how does it work then its a must read article: What, Why, How does Google PageRank Work? 

 And to know all about how to increase Google page rank, must read article:Increase Google Page Rank (Revealed) .
This time around google has been strict with its page rank allotment, not everyone is getting a page rank. I was hoping to be stay as a page rank 2 blog, but fortunately with google's grace I'm blessed with PR3 status. Now Smart Fat Blogger has joined PR3 prestigious club.

Now a little background check on how to increase google page rank or google PR as its known.
  • Make sure that you write unique and attractive post.
  • The novelty of the post and depth of understanding should be clear and precise and especially for the readers.
  • Build lots and lots of backlinks for your blog, you could try commenting using comluv, guest posting (very effective), or link exchange (not recommended)
  • Improve alexa rank and focus on increasing alexa links too which has become a quite a little concern in recent times.
Well google is always very speculative about it page rank and its algorithm, know body exactly knows how it calculates, although bloggers are able to predict their PR status bby experience. No worries if you still have not got a page rank for your blog, focus more on traffic and promotion for your blog.

Chaio. Let me know your blogs PR status and share your experience with us how google page rank has impacted your blog.

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