Use Photo Vote Poll -- Ask your Facebook friends to choose the Best Photo

Are confused which photo to pick for your facebook profile or your timeline? Then you should ask your friends. But wait, will they really choose if you just upload 3 separate picture or photos. No, I really don't think so, because its not systematic. What if all your 3 photos are in one set and it would be better to ask your friends to vote it and obviously sharing! Just like in newspaper published.

Yes, Microsoft has released this app just to do that. You are now able to ask your facebook friends to vote for your most fav photo among 3. At present this app allows your to have 3comparsion, not any less or more. Once the app is on Photo vote it can automatically be published on your facebook wall. This is available on Office labs, I think its in its beta phase, once it gets a hold of its app, then facebook might even try this on its timeline.

The Photo vote allows you to use the most popular options like : Get the app, create a poll, publish a poll, review and comment your results.

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