HOW TO: Increase Domain Authority? Before That What is Domain Authority?

This might be new topic for newbies out there who have just started blogging. But I should share with you that even professional blogger scratch their head to increase domain authority and page authority. But what is this domain authority? And what is Page authority? Lets start with basics.

domain authority

Now What is Domain Authority?

This post is subjected for newbies and must follow to increase targeted traffic and good health of your blog. Assuming that you have a blog and great domain name, then I presume you have started publishing awesome content for your site. Due to recent changes in Google search algorithm, bloggers have adapted various methods to drive search engine traffic to their site. Some have succeeded and many not. Yet still many bloggers write about 'How to overcome Google Panda effect?' Crap it is. Back to Domain authority which basically means combined ranking of your blog. (This includes Google Page rank, Alexa links and ranking, popularity, and comments). You should know Google bot can crawl you comments too, which predicts the popularity of that post and indexes in first page of google. This is a rating given to your blog between 0 to 100. The higher the better. This also depends on the platform you are blogging whether its blogger or wordpress. Usually I've seen many blogs that wander around 40 to 50 domain authority, but its very challenging to get over 70.

Now How to Increase Domain Authority?

Now that we know that domain authority is just a seo prediction rank for your site, which basically tells abou overall health of your blog. The best practices of increasing domain authority is by driving more traffic to your blog. With the recent google panda update I suggest you write very unique and useful content for your site. Next step is to comment heavily on same niche blogs, commluv enabled blogs are very helpful. This also helps us to increase backlinks to your site and posts. And building high quality backlinks means increasing your google page rank.

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 To check domain authority we need domain authority checker. This concept is evolved by SEOMoz who is the best SEO optimization company. You can check your domain authority using seomoz seo toolbar.

Now How is Domain Authority Calcualted?

Now that we know what is domain authority is? and how to increase domain authority, we can get into the calculation part. If you know about link juice, then understanding this concept is not that difficult. The inbound links should be high when compared to outbound links. The ratio of them should be higher. The better and high quality backlinks you fetch for your blog the better is the ranking of your domain.

The best practices for SEO comes from best understanding. The better you look out for your blog, the greater the health and performance of your blog. I also suggest you to enhance your site's CSS, HTML, javascript for better loading of your site. The faster it loads the more Google likes your site. Ultimately its the traffic that matters and no other thing comes into play.

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Another Concept has been evolved which is similar to domain authority, that is Page authority. Stay tuned for more information about it. And don't forget to bookmark this article. Chaio!


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