Several Tricks To Survive Google Panda Updates 2012

Last year saw a major update by Google in its search algorithm. Even though Google keeps on making small changes and tweaks in its algorithm throughout the year but this was significant as it impacted roughly 12% of the search queries and saw major changes in rankings and traffic. Google called it the Panda update and it was first rolled out as beta in February, 2011 and then a gradual roll out the world over in April, 2011.

So what was the Panda Update?

Google wanted to check the rankings of those websites which it considered as content farms with little or no relevance to search traffic and those who copied content from other sources. Google wanted the focus to return on content for users and not content for SEO benefits.

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Some of the reasons that lead the sites to be penalized included:

  • Sites that had keyword stuffed content
  • The content had also been found on other sites and looks copied
  • The content was not relevant to the page or to the reference link
  • The content quality was poor
  • Very little or no links on the web page
  • Other reasons included high bounce rate and very low time spent on the page by the user
  • Excessive ads on the web page

These genres of websites were the most adversely affected:

  • Content farms
  • Generic sites like
  • Directories
  • Question and Answer websites
So what to do if you were affected?

If you had been affected by the Panda update, you would need to take the following remedial measures:

  • Add unique, useful and relevant content.
  • Move the penalized and objectionable content to another domain or take some steps so that it is not indexed by the search engines.
Google also said that it will keep monitoring the search results and penalize those websites that fail the Panda update criteria. So what to do to make sure that your website is not one of them. Always keep in mind these following important points:

  • Add unique content that offer value to the website visitor. Try generating user generated content. Make sure that the user is not inclined to block the webpage from appearing in future search results. It should value. 
  • Keep the content quality high and do not favor quantity and lose focus on quality. 
  • The content and web page should have incoming links to give it authority value. 
  • Keep the ads in check on the web page. Too many and you risk being penalized. 
  • The content should be made social and easy to share with various Social media options provided to the user.

Remember content is the king and Google wants it to maintain that way.

Guest Post by Cynthia Reese is a freelance writer who likes writing on social media trends, Business strategy and Business communication. Currently she is involved in writing for

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