HOW TO: Increase Page Views of your Blog

When you are started with a site or blog, the first thing you always focus on is traffic or page views. Instead I recommend newbies to get their article published. Help them to write quality content. Assuming you have plenty of articles published, and looking to increase page views for your blog. Increasing page views isn't that difficult. Any traffic exchange site will just do fine. But if you are using Google adsense, for your site then you are violating Google Adsense terms and conditions. Google is clearly against traffic exchange programs. Now back to the topic on how to increase page views; If Google doesn't support traffic exchange programs, then what is solution.
How to Write Blog Posts That Go Viral!

Idea behind increasing page views:

First you should know that Google always rely on genuine and quality traffic. A single page views (PV) got from a genuine (unique) visitor carries more weight-age rather than bots or spiders viewing your page. But you can't always get a new visitor to fetch a page view, or you could rely on repeating visitors. Repeating visitors are more successful than to search for new visitors. Google trust re-visitors and  provide higher priority for those people. Re-visitors give you a quality page view. Now how do you determine the a page view is of high quality? The answer lies in previous line, as I said a re-visitor when visits your article or post from a search engine, Google believes that you have an article that is helpful to a visitor henceforth he/she is visiting over and over again. So, your article is a high quality one. Thus it narrows down to one thing and thing only, high quality content. A high quality content is the one which attracts more visitors and increases page views to your blog.

Top Tips to increase page views for your blog:

  • First and fore most thing you need to focus on is writing high quality content. With the advent of latest software architecture and plugins especially for wordpress sites, Google still relies on tradition strategy, which is content writing, that too high quality. A unique visitor would then only visit your site and provide you a page view and suggest his friends about your content thereby increasing page views for your blog.
  • Keep updating your blog everyday. Change something, change some articles, change some design, change some widgets, keep testing. Another important factor that very much relies and impacts visitors is updates. Visitors are always thrilled to see something new and awesome things. When you keep changing things, people visit your site more often and in a way increase page views.
  • Update your old content. You might had written good article before and got good traffic before, but due to recent changes in Google algorithm, we are forced to change and update old articles for better traffic and increasing page views.
  • Keep commenting on other site in your niche. Previous commenting was a great thing and was fetching you great amount of page views to your site. But due to another update from Google so called 'Penguin update' where its stress on link building, Commenting has reduced. As commenting lead to link building strategy, and Google only cares for high quality link backs. So, commenting will also increase your page views.
  • If you are running Google Adsense in your site, then I recommend not to use traffic exchange programs which is offered by various sites. You are just violating Google terms, in which case you will be banned from hosting Adsense ads. Adsense is a very sensitive issue, you need to be very careful about it. Just in case I also suggest you to increase domain authority.
  • Another top tip to increase page views and built reputation for your blog is that you start writing guest post and publish it on various other guest blogging enabled site. Guest blogging certainly impacts a lot on your site's reputation, although it takes some hard work.
And also as always try and share your post to various social media networking sites, as these impact more than any other source, which in case you are responsible to increase page view for your blog. You can't instantly increase page views, its a pretty medium term process, you'll need to work your way, all the way to come to first page of Google search. Page views impacts your alexa ranks and improving alexa ranking and links. Also page views impacts you site's reputation in-terms of complete rank, and Google Page rank. I've shared as much as possible to help you gain some great page views.

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