HOW TO: Perform On Page SEO Optimization for Blogger Blog

Are you looking for traffic? Are you specifically looking out for organic (search) traffic? Then all you need to do is some on-page seo optimization tips, for your blog. Well I would rather say in the current scenario due to recent changes in search algorithm from Google, its customary and safe to believe that SEO plays 20pc and content plays 80pc. You can also look into tips to recover from the recent panda updates. The traffic depends on your quality of your content. A good high niche related content fetches more refined traffic than, anything else. Well as blogging have evolved so did the platforms, two most popular ones Blogger and Wordpress are widely used. Unless you want to change these you could try Top 5 blogging platform.

Now what is it that makes the difference?

If you are using Blogger platform, then focus on your content rather than seo, although on-page seo optimization plays an important part. Unlike other platforms like which is self hosted blogging platform has various seo plugins to enhances article. I would always recommend my blogging peers to use the yoast seo plugin, its pretty easy and handy in features.

Choose your keywords wisely, use your imagination while choosing keywords and make sure that its relating to your niche. Use Google's Keyword tool, to get variety of information about keyword and traffic estimation.

Build your blog design as simple as possible, and make it navigable. Easy navigation attracts users as well as search engine bots. Visitors like a good design, but a good design doesn't make an impression, so have a great design if you looking to attract visitors and wan to make them 'LIKE' your facebook fan page.
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 On-Page SEO Optimization check List:

If you are looking to get traffic that too organic traffic, then you should perform these on-page seo optimization list before you publish a post onto your blog.
  • Plan your post thoroughly: Say you are writing about 'modding an android smartphone', then choose your keywords carefully. You title should contain the main keywords of the article. Your content description must also contain the keywords. Also their has to be a related keyword about your niche which would be 'android' in this case.
  • Title and description: Provide keyword rich title and description for every article you write for.
  • Keyword density: Make sure that you increase your main keywords at about 3% in overall article. Now how would you know that it is 3%? If you were using wordpress then their is a plugin which measures keyword density, but for a blogger blog I would suggest that insert your main keyword in the first paragraph of your article, then some 3times in the middle and another time at the end. Make sure that your main keyword has a parent keyword too.
  • Highlight keywords: Make your keywords bold or italics so that search engines could easily identify that the article is based on these sort of similar keywords.
  • Interlinking: Always perform this action before publishing any article. You need to link back each article with your other articles, with a related keyword of that article.
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  • External links: Always provide an external link with a nofollow tag, so that search engines would just ignore that link. This is very simple to implement just insert 'rel=nofollow' tag.
  • Description for images: Although blogger doesn't provide option to add description to your images. But its very important that you provide this. Every little traffic is important. Just write 'alt=DESCRIPTION' in the image tag and you are done.
In the recent changes in the blogger platform, there has been developments. Changes are observed in providing search description box. You can check various features about this under Settings page of Under that you choose search preferences. I recommend you create custom enabled robots.txt for search engine bots. And insert manually to crawl over all of your articles with the help of sitemap. Check the search preferences. So seo and on-page seo optimization go hand in hand. Another popular topic which you should be looking forward to is off-page seo optimization.

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