Are Evergreen Articles Good For Blog Traffic?

Have you ever published an article that received hundreds to thousands of viewers, only for these numbers to die down? It was nothing more than a short-lived hype. Articles like these are ideal for updating your blog and getting noticed by the search engines. But they’re not the only kinds you should be writing. If you own a blog, you must also learn to create evergreen content.

Evergreen content can be described as articles that remain current despite the passing of time. They go beyond “hypes” and continue to attract traffic for extended periods. How long they actually attract traffic depends. Sometimes, they stop getting visitors after months or years of going online. Sometimes, they never stop getting traffic at all. Evergreen articles are exactly the types of content you should publish on your blog.

How evergreen articles attract traffic

1. They are subject-driven.

The main reason why evergreen articles are great for traffic is because they are subject- driven. When content is subject-driven, it can be optimized with keywords. When content is optimized for keywords, it will rank better on the search engines. When content achieves higher rankings, it attracts traffic. Therefore, evergreen articles can boost your blog’s traffic.

2. They are helpful to readers

People go online with queries on hand. To get traffic on your blog, all you need to do is answer their questions. The best evergreen articles contain tips, insights, and information about the subject being dealt with.

3. They increase your blog’s value.

Focusing on evergreen content allows you to cover different subjects related to your niche. Your blog then becomes more useful to readers over time, thus increasing its value in terms of information. Evergreen articles also increase your blog’s value to search engines since they enable you to use a variety of keywords.

Some points to consider

It’s true that subject-driven content attracts traffic but this is not to say you can write about any subject. You want to cover a topic that stays relevant for a long time and if possible, forever. To illustrate, an article that discusses the release of a new gadget pales in comparison to a post that shares information about diabetes. Only the latter may be considered evergreen content.

It is also worth noting that readers look into the credibility of a writer which in this case, happens to be you. They won’t easily trust the information shared to them no matter how useful it appears. You need to be an authority in a particular niche before they trust you. You can portray that by writing high-quality content that is not only packed with information but also has depth.

Third, you must understand that several factors directly affect how much traffic evergreen articles get. The keywords you use, the quality of your articles, and the information they contain are just some examples. What I’m trying to say is that evergreen content can boost your blog’s traffic but it is not by any means a full-proof method. The technique must be accompanied by skills in writing and keyword optimization.

About the Author: Judene Macariola is familiar with blogging and techniques on search engine optimization. He currently works as a blog writer for Broadband Expert, a company that businesses and home owners consult for wireless internet options.

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