Top 7 Ways to come-up with the Best Blog Posts

Successful bloggers have to be very careful on different aspects of blogging. There are several factors contributing to the success of blogs and writing compelling content is the major factor that will turn a normal visitor to a repeat viewer of your blog. It is important to write engaging content on a consistent time frame. So, how are you going to write effective content? Do you have any plans or established pathway to follow? Here are some great tips that will allow you to write feature-rich content.

With Proper Anatomy:

Effective blog content should have the following aspects in a proper way:

  • Eye-grabbing title
  • Proper text links to the landing page
  • Banner calls for action
  • Social sharing buttons
All these features will make sure the blog post is anatomically correct and intriguing.

Blog Platform:

Make sure to choose a blogging platform that will allow you to modify/add the content without any external help. There should be visible buttons placed which are self explanatory. A good platform will ensure that the blog posts will look at their best. It is important to master the blogging editor tool so that you know the ways to insert links, images, videos  etc.

Appropriate Categories:

Never mind what you write but the article should fit into a specific category. It will help your audience to segregate the posts and continue reading specific categories. These categories will help your visitors to land into the exact page according to their requirements. It will help them to refine their search and find the exact content.


Some of the search engines allow meta tags up to 160 characters which will describe in detail about the blog posts. The search engines use this content to rate your blog post and will index them accordingly.

Proof Read and Revise:

Every task completed should be reviewed in order to improve its effectiveness. Blog posts are rarely completed in their first draft version. It is very important to go through the content at the end and make sure the titles, sub-headings are properly defined. Check for grammar, spelling errors and make sure the content is absolutely flawless.

Understand the Guidelines of Search Engines:

Before you write the blog posts, it is important to understand the technical requirements of search engines. The aspect of keyword placing, keyword density and other metrics have to be understood in order to pen down the most effective blog post. Google likes textual content, ranks video links in a better way, likes unique content and there are several other thumb rules which should be followed.

Proper Headings:

Giving proper headings and titles is an important aspect of on-page SEO. These headings will give a short description about the paragraph content and how the rest of the content is inter- connected. The main title should always be used with the H1 tags and the sub headings must be under the H2 tags. The headings must contain the keywords in them.

These points will help you to write an effective and compelling blog post which will attract the attention of millions of viewers.
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