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Today, a sizeable amount of web users are seen having their own blogs. In order to air their views on different issues and share a number of things, people create their own blogs. The bloggers want readers to see and read the things, which they have kept over their blogs. In this cut throat competition world, every blogger desire to stay at the top in terms of readers and visitors over their blogs. There are several techniques of attracting readers to visit your blogs. This includes adding up the Facebook like Lightbox over your blog as it can help your readers to become your Facebook fans.

Understanding the plugin -Lightbox

Before understanding the ways of adding it, let’s first understand about Facebook like Lightbox plugin. It is basically a pop up window, which has an essential purpose of collecting Facebook likes for the subsequent Facebook page of your blog. As there are several methods to get traffic for your blog, in the same way, you have several ways to get the likes for your Facebook Fan page. You could simply ask your friends and family over the chat to like your Facebook page. You could add a Facebook plug-in which will help you in appearing the like button over your blog.

Hence when any reader clicks over this like button found over your blog, it will increase the number of likes for your Facebook Fan page. However, the best way to do this is to create a pop up window the moment someone visits your blog. This will help the readers to locate the like option without any hassle. Hence the readers could easily click over the like button the moment they see the pop up window. All these things come via the plugin called Lightbox.

Adding the Facebook like Lightbox

First of all, you need to download the Facebook Page promoter WordPress plugin and by entering some of your basic details, you could head to its installation steps over your blog. There are several user IDs, which are given by Facebook for each and every page. You are supposed to render these IDs over your page, which will indicate that you want more amounts of fans.

After installing the plugin, you would see a new Facebook light box tab over the dashboard falling under the Arevico Settings. Now, you simply have to click over the Facebook Lightbox, which will help you in reaching over the setting page of General options. In this particular page, you are supposed to insert your Facebook fan page id followed by clicking over the save window button seen at the page bottom.

Now, you can even access the display options control for this particular plugin. Thus you could either put this pop up window over the post page or simply over the home page of your blog using this control options. It is recommended to use it over the home page rather than over the blog posts since every time if your readers are going to find the same window for all the posts, they can find it a bit annoying. The moment you are done with these steps, you are all set to see this pop up window coming the moment readers visit your blog.

Final word

This Facebook Lightbox plugin is introduced by the Facebook page promoter group, which comes for free to different bloggers. It really helps you in generating good amount of fans for your Facebook page from your readers coming over your blog. Hence by following the above simple steps you could add Lightbox plugin over your blog and reap benefits out of it.

About The Author: Sherrie-Glasser-Mayrsohn is a writer/blogger. He was born and bred in South Carolina, a fact which he is proud of. Check Sherrie-Glasser-Mayrsohn Twitter profile here.

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