Social Media Blunders You Shouldn't Make

Social media marketing is not a very complicated concept but still some amount of science component is associated with it. If you want your content to go viral then you must not depend on gut decisions only. It is possible to push content through social media but at the same time you must refrain from making any mistakes that might prove counter-productive for you. There are certain things which you must learn not to do on a social media platform. We will discuss about the common social media blunders and how you can avoid those.

1) Timing is irrelevant
You must understand that you just cannot write something and publish in the middle of the night. And even if you do you cannot expect the content to go viral at those odd hours. Social sites like Facebook have some peak usage times and so if you can spread your content during that time then it will spread very quickly. More than 50% Twitter users are on EST and hence most likely to retweets on Wednesdays again if you want to share something on Facebook then you should not post content more than once in 2 days. The preferred time will be Saturday noon EST.

2) Traffic doesn't matter

Most content markets concentrate on how many likes or tweets their content gets on the social media platform. If you strictly go by theory then you might say more sharing means more traffic. But this does not hold true in all cases. If no one is clicking through Twitter of Facebook then you are not getting any visitor at all. So do not just concentrate on the social shares; give adequate importance to traffic also. You may analyze your 'click through rate' in order to boost the traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

3) Treating all social buttons as same

Contrary to popular belief, the placement of social buttons in the blog posts is very important. People do have a tendency to share posts even before they ream them as it is very often seen that social buttons on the top of a blog post gets clicked more than those at the bottom. You must also use Sharebar (scrolling social buttons) as it usually gets more clicks than all the social buttons combined. If you are using Sharebar then consider placing the social media buttons at the bottom of the blog post.

4) People read and share content during peak times only

This is the greatest misconception harbored by the content marketers. Not many people understand that there is a difference in timing between when people read content and actually sharing it. We now know that people prefer Twitter on Wednesday and Facebook on Saturday. If the target audience for your blog post is female then never post any content during the evening or night. Women actually prefer to read and share blogs before noon.

If you avoid these 4 common social media blunders then there is no reason why your content will not flourish and spread. But do not assume the above-mentioned tips; you need to test it with your own content. The results may be slightly different based on location and demography of your audience.

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