Why there is a Huge Demand for an iPhone Programmer

Of all the Smartphones out there, iPhone is considered by many as the best. The ones, who don’t consider it as the best, think it’s worthy of spending the money. In simple words, iPhone has a flourishing market and the market seems to bloom every new day. A person,  who wants to develop an iPhone application, can do it two ways; he can hire an experienced iPhone programmer and assign him the entire work. Or else, he could handle the work totally himself.

Whatever he does, knowledge in iPhone programming is must for him. Even if he wants to look at the basics of the application only to make sure that the app is performing nicely, he still needs some knowledge in iPhone application development. It’s better for the developer to get an idea on how to develop iPhone application. An idea in iPhone application  programming interface will give the person overview of programming languages, tools and frameworks that are needed in iPhone programming.

To develop iPhone application, the developer will need tools that are MAC, XCode and Interface Builder. A MAC PC, which is running on OSX is must for the developer. OSX is the operating system of MAC. It’s advisable to the developer to use latest version of OSX because that’ll make his job easier. After the MAC PC is ready, it’s essential to register to Apple Developer Program. The sign up process is totally free and not even a single cent is needed. However, once the app is ready, if the developer is looking to distribute the app
to Apple’s digital platform, then he’ll have to pay a sum of $99. There’s a justification of this fee; the app distributor will earn plenty of money through the app, placed on Apple’s platform. The distribution fee is Apple’s cut.

After the programmer registers to Apple, he needs to download the XCode. The XCode is nothing but the integrated development environment for iPhone application development. Like other IDEs, the XCode has build automation tools, source code editor and debugger. The XCode is the place where the developer will do editing on the iPhone codes. A big advantage of iPhone programming is that the programming languages required are the same old ones such as objective C, C++ and C. C++ is mostly used when a game is being
developed. On the other hand, C is used for developing applications that are pretty simple. Majority of iPhone programmers use Objective C for developing iPhone application. This is an object oriented language and many apps are built with its use.

Once the app developer is introduced to all the basic things that are require to develop an iPhone programme, he needs to have an idea on iPhone development framework. Generally, the framework, which is used for developing an iPhone application is Cocoa-Touch. This framework is equivalent to Cocoa framework, which is used for MAC PC. When Cocoa-Touch is used in iPhone, the underlying purpose is to create sliders, buttons etc. When someone is making an iPhone application, majority of the time, the Cocoa-Touch framework is used. It makes the appearance of the screen better such as displaying windows and views, sliders, buttons for navigation etc.

An iPhone programmer must be savvy with all these things and the person, who is hiring the developer, also needs to have idea on those.

The market for iPhone app development is growing in an exponential rate. A huge developers are working on it and anyone, who wants to develop an app should have a knowledge on this.

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