How the Google community features helping blogger

Blogging is a method of publishing discussions or information on any current issue on the World Wide Web. Google introduced blogging which allows single or a multiple users to use it. Blogging was first developed by Pyra Labs and it was bought later by the Google team in 2003. The main advantages of blogging are that multiple users can access it at any given time. Before, bloggers had to blog via FTP on other host servers. But now, some of these bloggers were shifted or are being shifted to Google servers via URL instead of FTP. Also, recent blogging in the Google community has been modified and this made much easier for the bloggers.

The journey of blogging

In previous days, blogging meant a discussion about an experiment or a work of a person on a particular topic but nowadays, blogging can be done by multiple people or a group of authors on their work on different topics. The Google community recently introduced social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Google plus, by Google community offers a great opportunity for the bloggers to link their blog sites with Google plus and their email sites. Users of Google plus can post blogs directly and share it with their social networking sites. With this new update, the bloggers using Google plus can receive response from all the users because it allows the bloggers to spread their blogs through the social networking sites.

Overview of blogging with Google

Google also enables modification while blogging. A blog can be designed using various background colors. The blogger can choose different flexible layouts to give professional look to the blogs. Creating blogs is quite easy by following few steps. As soon as the blog is created, the blogger can update posts; upload videos, pictures or more to the blog. One of the most interesting facilities is whatever posts or information is updated, it gets saved automatically. The blogger can choose different effects for writing the blog and once written, it gets saved and do not disturb further typing. Spelling or grammatical errors are checked automatically.

Features associated with blogging

Blogs are normally saved in the URL. As soon as a blog is being created, options of the available URL are provided. If any blogger wants to change the URL, he or she can easily do so and enjoy the available features. Moreover, a blogger also has a domain name for his blog. Blogs can have pictures or videos. Pictures can be uploaded by creating a free account in Picasa Web albums and videos are uploaded through Google Videos. Google community features help the blogger to earn money through blogging. Posting high quality blogs on any topic also lets a blogger to earn money.

A few more words on blogging

Readers of the blogs can comment or give feedbacks on the blogs. Bloggers can use emoticons for readers to comment easily. Special features are also included which allows a reader to get notified as soon as any addition is made to the blog. A blog can be made into a profile by adding an image in their profile. Google bloggers can enjoy access to other Google sites like Google mailing, Google social network, Google etc. a blog can be constructed using 41 different languages from all over the world.

Why people like blogging with Google?

Blogging with Google Blogger is always a great experience each time one enters its domain. People who are new to the world of blogging find it lucid and simple enough to maintain their relation with blogging for a prolonged time. It is one of the most stable platforms one will ever find anywhere. Its unique ability to handle titanic amounts of data is really commendable. Moreover users need not compulsorily know programming languages like HTML which is lucrative almost all non-programmers. The new feature of Google AdSense adds punch to the effects of Blogger furthermore. This feature helps the blogger to generate revenues by displaying relevant advertisements associated with the blog. The only requirement for this is to get certified as a registered Google AdSense publisher.

The experience of Google Blogger users has always been simple, lucid and beneficially amplified in nature at every juncture of time and place. The magnitude of amazing services offered by Google free of cost is just awesome to speak the least. The huge entourage of features associated with Google and their corresponding availability while blogging has won millions of hearts worldwide. In simpler words, blogging with Google while being linked and assisted by its other unique features is truly mind blowing and stupendously awesome.

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