Top 7 Worst Windows Mobile Smartphones

Windows Mobile operating system enabled us to combine a PDA and a mobile phone good enough.

Certainly, there were some analogues of Symbian, Palm OS or BlackBerry OS communicators, but Windows Mobile was the choice of those people who wanted to get their usual, pocket Windows, even if it was highly simplified.
During the 10 years of Windows Mobile existence, a lot of interesting smartphones models have been released, some of which have become legendary: Qtek 9000, ASUS P535, HTC Advantage, Samsung i710, HTC HD2, Toshiba Portege G900, and Sony Ericsson  Xperia X1.
But today's article will be devoted to the worst smartphones that had been released on Windows Mobile. Maybe it would be better to forget about them, but let's refresh our minds first.
HTC Snap

HTC has always tried to make original smartphones. So, the Snap model is not bad in general: QWERTY-keyboard, Blackberry-like design and a trackball instead of the 5-button joystick. In fact,   HTC Snap had more disadvantages: a disgusting quality  of the screen, poor camera and intermittent ROM's failures.


This communicator is a classic mono block with a digital keyboard is a real rarity on Windows Mobile. It has good filling, Wi-Fi and nice design, and it seem like everything is in its place. However, the low resolution of 176 x 220 pixels (and this is in 2007) did not allow to run most software on this machine, so the HP IPAQ 500 was not as popular among users as its developers hoped.

Eten M600 +

In 2006, this device was very competitive: a powerful 400 MHz processor and 256 MB of memory. But its design, a very quiet external speaker, and uncomfortable body did not allow Eten M600+ to gain enough popularity among the customers.

Eten Glofiish DX900

This device supported two SIM-cards, had the assembly from Acer and a good hardware stuff. Nothing else needed, isn't it?  But the problem with its software turned  Eten Glofiish DX900 into one big and continuous bug.

GIGABYTE GSmart t600

The company wanted to turn this Windows Mobile communicator into a musical phone. They even made the buttons in the lower part of the case, which would allow users to manage music easily. However, a hideous design, the battery's weak storage, and a terrible sound quality just scared all customers  away.

Samsung Omnia Pro B7330

Like HTC Snap, this device should have become a  BlackBerry competitor too. But the inflated price and a custom screen did not allow Samsung Omnia to find enough owners.

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Eten M810

This is another Windows Mobile device in a form of horizontal slider. It looked quite attractive anyway. But in fact, there were serious problems with the performance, especially during a web surfing and GPS-navigation: this smartphone turned into a true loser in these modes.  

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