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Domain name registration seems to be easy. You have a business name, you look up a .COM extension with your ideal name, and that's when it hits you. There's not too many domains left, and your business site has already been created by someone else. Well, there are still a number of viable options for creating a great domain name and ensuring your privacy once you register. When you're picking out a domain name, think of relevant keywords to describe your site's content. What will visitors be coming to your site for? 

You can choose to put your keywords in your domain name instead. However, it should be catchy and make sense when you say it out loud. If you think people will have a hard time saying your domain name or sharing with others via text message, then consider changing to something more user-friendly. Registering a site also means taking some necessary precautions. For example, private domain registration at allows you to hide all of your personal information that would otherwise be shared via the WHOIS database.

If you don't want your name, address and phone number out there for everyone to see, consider a private registration to ensure that you retain ownership of your website but that your information doesn't go public. In addition, you can set yourself apart with a clear brand for your domain name. If at all possible, make your name easy to remember and don't use sort of numbers or hyphens in your domain name as this will make it difficult to say out loud and be interpreted correctly by others.

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