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Did you know that with Instagram, aside from taking photos, you can also now record, modify and upload 15 seconds videos? In an attempt to bring down a new sprung site called Vine, Instagram now launched Instagram videos. It is the hottest topic nowadays, in fact many celebrities have already used this new feature of Instagram, such as Justin Bieber, Kobe Bryant, and Madonna. And there are actually five million uploaded videos just 24 hours after the launch held last June 20. Incredible!

Instagram is extremely easy to utilize. All you need to do is to take a picture on your mobile phone and maybe crop it or apply filter, effects or a frame and then finally upload your work. You can also connect it to your other social media accounts such Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Foursquare. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many businesses are taking advantage of this mobile application. And now that it has its video function, it’s even more interesting. As of the moment you can see popular brands and companies using Instagram Video such as Burberry, Ebay and the New York Yankees.

  • Burberry was one of the best brand in you can find in the Instagram today and their fist Instagram video has spot at the top. The video was about series of short scenes from a menswear show in London that include bits of music and discussion and London milestones – and, of course their gorgeous Burberry products.

  • After the day the Instagram Video was launched, Ebay posted their first video. It was a very simple video that titled “Make the most of the longest day of the year,”. The video shows a beach with the saying "#ebay" composed in the sand. A wave washes over the text, and the video works out to a shot of smashing waves on a sunny day.

  • The latest post was from New York Yankees where they show how Paul O’Neill laugh and celebrate his success on baseball while he is on a practice. This video has captured the joy and interest of many baseball fans.

Now are you ready to use Instagram Videos for your business? In able to be successful in using Instagram for promoting your business you should be aware of the following:

Learn who your audiences are. Many of Instagram user are adolescent, hip, and savvy.  They are always updated of the latest trend. They are simple, clean, they like basic style so make sure you were able to suit their interest in posting your video.

Learn Instagram vigilantly. Instagram offer features and unique tools that can make your captured images look more enticing. You can take a picture on a continuous stream or short snapshots. You can change and alter the color with one of 13 new filters available. Plus you can even add a cover image to make your video stand out. And you can automatically steady shaky hands with the Cinema feature.

Do it right. Make a captivating video, a unique one that can catch heart and mind of viewers. Be original. Don’t copy from other’s idea. Be true. Keep in mind that Instagram is more about being valuable than worthless advertising.

Keep updated with the latest, be appropriate and be significant. if your audience know what going on in the worlds of fashion, technology, and social media, and so should you.

By: Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than 6 years now. She loves looking for guest posting service as well as writing in her own blogs. She loves to share her ideas about technology and obviously computers are her life.

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