5 Best & Free Tools For Checking Plagiarism or Duplicate content

People check for plagiarism online for many reasons. The most common reason is because Google will punish websites that have duplicate content by ranking them lower down the search engine results pages. People also use them to check to see if a piece of content they are buying is already online. Others do it to protect their own work, as any creative content has a dollar value. There are few duplicate/plagiarism checkers that are free, but you do sometimes get free tries with the programs. Here are five of the best.

1 - CopyScape

This is one of the best known plagiarism checkers, and is popular because it is very cheap to use whilst still being worth the money. It does have free options that you can try. It will allow you to scan a limited number of web pages for free every day. You may scan your pages up to the limit, and that limit is refreshed again within 24 hours. This means that if you use the tool every day, then you can eventually scan all of your website for free, plus you may keep doing this as long as you like as there is no cutoff point for the free usage other than the daily limit. This program cuts up sentences into sections of three words and tries each and every one on the various search engines.

2 - Small SEO Tools

If you can put up with the CAPTCHA function near the bottom of the page, then you may just start to like this plagiarism tool. Put your content into the box and type out the CAPTCHA answer correctly. It will then check your content to find similar content by snipping up lines in the content and trying a few with Google. It then points out which lines appear on other websites that are listed with Google. It will also tell you when it thinks the earliest it was listed. This method of cutting up segments of the content and putting it through Google does have its faults, and even if you copy and paste the content from one website to the tool, it may still show that a percentage of the content is original when you know it is not. This tool is completely free to use.

3 - Plagium

Not to say that the other free services are particularly bad, but it was a surprise then this one turned out to be good. It looks just like another scam site, but enter your paragraph into the space and use the quick or deep search functions and it will give you a list of all the websites that your content appears upon. You have to create an account and sign in if you want to use the deep search, but you can use the quick search right away. Plus, you are able to use up to 25,000 characters, which is not bad for a free service. The quick search is actually more effective than the website lets on, which may suggest that the deeper searches also include things such as social media sites and other search engines besides Google.

4 - Virante Duplicate Content

This duplicate program works in a similar fashion to the free section on the Copyscape program. It asks you to enter your domain name and it checks the page for duplication. Enter a URL if you want to check just a page.  The problem with this program is that it does take a long time to get its result back to you, plus it is pretty hungry to sell you some of its services, which may be a cause for suspicion about their results.

5 - Plagiarisma.Net

This is an odd plagiarism checker because it gives you three options for checking your content. You can have it checked on Google, Babylon and Yahoo!, and yet the Google one is faded out so that you cannot use it. This is not a terrible thing, as it may sometimes be useful to try more than one plagiarism checker and with this tool you can be sure your are not simply checking Google every time. It is clever that it gives you domain and cached link information too. It uses the method of cutting up lines of text and trying them in the search engine results, which means it is open to inaccuracies. It is only free for trial periods, so if you use it too much then you will have to start paying. Use it liberally and you can continue using it for free.

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