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Many people don't understand why anyone would want to find obsolete semiconductors. The truth is that there are many reasons to seek them out, though most of them will only make sense in a professional context. Obsolete items are generally something to avoid, so it can be confusing for many to hear that obsolete items are sought after and purchased under any circumstances.

It's important to understand that obsolescence doesn't actually mean what it's commonly used to mean. Generally, we hear the term in the context of someone getting rid of old electronics and something being replaced because it is obsolete. This is strictly speaking true, but replacement isn't always the result of obsolescence. Often, obsolescence simply means that no new designs will employ the obsoleted item.

In the context of electronics, this means that there are many devices that will require repair and concepts that will require teaching that rely on "obsolete" electronics. It doesn't mean that there is a better alternative on the market. It means that that particular item is no longer the standard with which new devices are designed. Understanding this makes it plain to see how someone might need an obsolete semiconductor to repair a machine or teach others how to do the same.

Once you understand the basics, it really isn't difficult to see why it might be necessary to seek out something "obsolete". Fortunately, the world wide web has made it a very easy thing to find exactly what part you need, no matter how long it's been out of common manufacturing.

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