Why Your Company Needs Cloud Storage

You probably hear the term cloud storage thrown around quite a bit without giving any thought to how it could help your business. With cloud storage, your employees have access to all the data that they need, but you don't need to worry that the data will take over your office computers. Many systems let you create a password that you can give to those who need to access the cloud, which keeps the information safe. Whether you own a consulting company, a retail shop or any other type of business, there are some big benefits to adding cloud storage to your workplace.

Allow for Virtual Work

Virtual work is an easy and simple way to reward your employees and let them escape the drudgery of the office. Instead of coming in every day and working from 8 to 5, they can log into the system and work from home. This is great for women who took time off for maternity leave. They can work part time from home until they're ready to come back to work. Cloud storage and computing also keeps your employees working when the weather outside or other conditions might prevent them from coming into the workplace. 

Protect Valuable Data

Most offices and companies have a computer network that connects all the computers in the area together. While this allows employees to use the Internet, send messages to each other and complete their work, it may give them access to information they shouldn't see. Cloud storage lets you create separate accounts and layers of security that prevent workers from accessing everything on the server. You can also use those passwords as a way to ensure that workers see everything they need to see and that they have access to all the files they need at work.

Migrate Content

When you switch between operational systems, you might have a hard time moving content from one system to the next. It's also difficult to transfer large files between two or more computers. Cloud storage makes migration easier. With AS400 migration, you can keep all your data and content in the cloud. Those who need specific files can log in and download those files right to their work computers. You can also make any necessary changes to keep files working within new operational systems. Find the right cloud storage and computing solutions for your business today.

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