First taste of Internet history

Individuals who got their first taste of the Internet during the 90's remember how frustrating it was dealing with dial-up Internet. Of course, at the time dial-up Internet was the only thing that was available, and since there was nothing to compare it with, people were impressed with what it could do. They took the inability to use the telephone, the constant dropping of signal, and the long download times as par for the course. However, once high-speed Internet came on the market, the frustrations of dial-up Internet were no longer acceptable. People realized that they could get a more stable connection at a faster speed. Little by little, companies that offer dial-up Internet went the way of the dinosaur. Their Internet experience went from being an ulcer inducing stress feast to something that was pleasant and enjoyable.

Of course, the benefits of high-speed Internet went well beyond its speed. Really, the benefits came from what the speed allowed people to do. For example, 13 years ago the only way that a person could watch the television shows they enjoyed was by watching them on network television or on cable. Now, the vast majority of people stream their favorite television shows using popular online movie and television sites.

In fact, all of the major studios understand that this is the way that entertainment is going. And so they have adjusted the way that they produce and distribute their programs based on this trend. Just about every major television channel offers its customers the opportunity to stream their favorite programs online. It has gotten to the point where just about no one watches their favorite show on television anymore, but instead they watch them using the Internet.

Internet companies realize how essential the service they offer is to the community. They realize that just about everyone who is moving into an apartment or into a neighborhood is going to want high-speed Internet. So, they offer moving specials and other deals to make transitioning Internet from one location to another easier.

It is not just the entertainment field that has been improved by high-speed Internet. High-speed Internet has made things like videoconferencing a reality. Now, every single day millions of people talk to each other face-to-face using VoIP services that are only possible thanks to the Internet. Having high-speed Internet at home has made it so that children can do their homework without needing to go to the library. Adults can prepare presentations for work and can even do some of their work from home. Truly, having high-speed Internet in the home has revolutionized the way that people live.

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