Top 4 Android Apps for Your Health and Fitness

With time, technology is booming in its every way. Consistent technological development and innovation in healthcare and medical field have brought many smart solutions for from minor ailments to chronic diseases. Such as the Edwards SAPIEN 3 Transcatheter Heart Valve is a life-saving alternative to open-heart surgery for heart patients who need a new valve but can’t endure the severity of the operation. There are several Android apps for nursing students and doctors that aid them in their professional career. Moreover, Google’s play store is loaded with various free self-help healthcare Android apps that may help you track and improve your health. Top 4 of those free Android Health & Fitness apps are briefed as follows: 

  1. S Health by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Must get it! S Health by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. delivers needed features to keep up your body fitness and health. It enables you to record and thereby analyze your daily activities and habits to help you maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Whether you walk or run, play indoor or enjoy outdoor sports, hike or bike, you can add and smartly track various physical activities and exercise just in a single step utilizing the various built-in trackers. Furthermore, it allows you personalize your Dashboard by adding or eliminating Goals, track and manage your diet, exercise and health data from each app in one place, and record your step count activity using Pedometer.   
  1. iCare Health Monitor (BP & HR)

Now you can get results for various medical tests and measurements in a matter of seconds at zero cost. Because, iCare Health Monitor by iCare Fit Studio could perform many medical tests and measurements such as blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen measurement, heart rate measurement, respiratory rate measurement, eye test, hearing test, and lung capacity measurement. It is easy to use that enables you get the statistics just by pressing the screen with your index finger. Moreover, as per your choice, it provides health alert service based on your health data and trends.

  1. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Looking for a device that can track your calories burned at your every step you move? Nothing would be better than Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach by Pacer Health that is specially designed to help you in your weight loss journey. It records your steps, distance, calories and active time whether you are walking, or running, and syncs your steps and calories details with MyFitnessPal. It is a great tool for a quantified self.
  1. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

Are you ready to accept the challenge? 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout Android app by Leap Fitness Group enables you to take action with the end result in your mind. You can use it anytime at your will. The designed fitness and exercise goals are scientifically proven to aid you in improving your fitness and health. It features detailed video guides for 30 day challenges for abs, full body, and butt workout. It records training process automatically and increases exercise intensity step by step. Moreover, it reminds you to do workout every day. Therefore, stick to its patterns, and you will surely behold marvelous results.


Innovation in technology and arrival of Android apps enable you to take care of your health in a smart way. S Health records and analyzes your daily activities and habits to enable you achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Measure various medical tests such as blood pressure, heart rate, vision and hearing with iCare Health Monitor (BP & HR). Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach tracks your steps moved and calories burned, and 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout gives you full access to abs, butt and full body workout videos and a daily reminder of your fitness days. Download these four free apps and get into a sexy, toned body shape!

Author Bio:
Rachel is a freelance medical and tech writer with specialization in science and medicine. She loves spending weekends with her family and watching some funny movies or drama.

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