3 Great Ways for a Business to Grab Attention

One of the best ways that a business can gain attention and possible clients or customers is through exciting imagery. By exciting the viewer's mind with bright colors, patterns, landscaping, or art work, he or she is likely to further investigate the business behind the beauty. If business has been a little slow, it's time for a big change.

Remodeling the Building's Exterior
If the building is rather bland, try giving it a new coat of paint and some lush foliage or bold artwork. Bright greens, blues, pinks, purples, and yellows can all stand out beautifully against white, brown, and tan buildings. Beautiful floral landscaping can be very attractive, or modern art (such as metal sculptures) can add a  fun, masculine flair.

Overhauling the Business Signage
If the main sign for a company is rather plain and camouflaged among the signs of surrounding businesses, it can be nearly impossible to capture the attention of those passing by. Hire a sign company Sarasota to produce a vibrantly colored, attractive, and descriptive sign for the business. Then, landscape generously around the sign to further capture attention. This will help to increase the number of walk ins and inquisitive phone calls that the business receives.

Giving Away Attractive Shirts
If having a few hundred shirts printed is within the promotional budget, it's the perfect opportunity to commission a unique artistic piece by a local artist. Add branding to the shirt, and include business contact information. This is a great giveaway item that may be worn frequently by customers, especially if it is an attractive shirt. This is an effective way to be seen by thousands of people daily over the course of a few years.

When a business or its name pops into the field of vision with exciting images, colors, and landscaping, far more potential customers will investigate the sight that is capturing their attention. Even previous customers will find themselves continually reminded of the business and the positive experiences that they have had in the past, triggering long term loyalty when these customers find themselves in need of assistance again.

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