Who is the most powerful tools in a lawyer's belt?

Television and movies make the job of lawyers look easy. Find a bit of incriminating evidence, drop the bombshell on the jury, and walk away with another case under the belt. What they fail to show is the amount of research and background work that goes into winning a case—or the secret weapons that so many lawyers rely on. One of the most powerful tools in a lawyer's belt is an expert witness.

There are multiple reasons why an expert witness can help win a case, but the biggest reason is that they lend credibility. An expert witness isn't just a pro at being on the stand and staying strong under cross examination by the defense; an expert witness knows their field of study inside and out, and can present the necessary facts and information to the jury in a way that even the most basic of laymen can understand. When dealing with a case that involves highly technical subject matter, an expert witness doesn't just make a case stronger. They make it more fair.

Expert witnesses also understand how to operate in environments like courtrooms where new facts are constantly being presented. They can adapt on the fly while still holding fast to the ethical requirements of anyone testifying under oath. If asked to write a report, an expert witness can provide a well-written report that clearly states the facts without losing what's important in a pile of jargon and legalese.

The right expert witness will say what needs to be heard, rather than what they believe the prosecutor or the defense wants to hear. While an expert witness can be hard to find, once you find the witness you need, you'll never want to let them go. Expert witness testimony is worth far more than its weight in gold. 

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