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Its been several months since I'm Blogging, I cannot tell that I’ve grown fast because I'm learning fast to be more creative, and I started blogging at end of 2010 and most blogs in my niche would be far ahead than where I am now. Anyhow let me leave the past and discuss my current state. From the past few months I’ve got the growth I had wished for and my traffic has been growing over days and in coming months I'll be facing my biggest problems and I am yet to reach my largest milestones.

After growing my blog mainly by exploiting social media networks and blog comment forms, I’m currently working hard to build a strong social media base for my blog. Though I’m getting good traffic from my social media sources, I feel there are many more potential readers on this blog who would love to connect with me. I know that none of you would be interested if I use your time to make you connect with for promoting my own blog, so I want to inform you that by being part of our presence in other social sites you won’t be just forced to promote our content.

Currently I have many people who have connected with me on many social sites and while promoting my own site, I also help them promote their own sites by Digging, Stumbling, tweeting and sharing on Facebook. There are a series of sites which i have presence on, some of them include,

Twitter -Follow @SmartFatBlogger, where more than 5000+ followers.

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